jimseven #21 - Give them what they want

jimseven #21 - Give them what they want
By James Hoffmann • Issue #21 • View online

In Coffee
- I wrote up the results of the survey on people’s last bag of coffee. It was interesting, and in some ways unexpected. I still think there’s an inevitable gap when selling something to people that we rarely buy ourselves…
- I made a little video review of the Wilfa Svart Precision brewer. 
- The NYT Cold Brew article by Oliver Strand was everywhere, I’m going to presume you’ve read it but just in case… I struggle to get excited about most cold brew, and I think the fleeting good weather in the UK only makes it trickier to really invest and see a return.
- UTZ and Rainforest Alliance are set to merge. I don’t know why this surprised me, certifications are still a big business even if speciality coffee never really found a way to interact with them.
Tangentially Coffee
- The growing importance of Social Skills in the Labor Market. (Or, perhaps “Why being a barista isn’t a terrible investment in your future”)
- How the Trendiest Grilled Cheese Venture Got Burnt. You might think the lessons in this are obvious. Tech preaches that everything is solvable through technology and that smart people can apply successful ideas to new opportunities. Here is a cautionary tale.
Four things I can't quite connect...
… but that totally connect in my head:
Final Thing: Three Maps
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