jimseven #20 - Artisan Pig Pheromones & Climate Change

Something a little different this week, in that I'm able to offer a little something to newsletter su
jimseven #20 - Artisan Pig Pheromones & Climate Change
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Something a little different this week, in that I’m able to offer a little something to newsletter subscribers. (This isn’t a thing I’m doing for money, nor intend to in the future.) This won’t be a regular thing, but I’m sure you’ll see how this fits.

Re:co Budapest
You may or may not know that I was involved in the first couple of Re:co Symposiums in Europe. I’m no longer MC, they’ve wisely upgraded to Dr Brita Folmer, but I’m still a bit supporter and advocate of Re:co.
The point of these events isn’t just to hear the speakers but to engage with those topics, your community and peers, in one place. There’ll be plenty to talk about this year - whether it is Joel Jelderks talking about cascara, Bronwen Percival talking about a microbial approach to flavour in cheese (you need to hear this, and then eat the cheeses - revelatory!) or Saša Šestić talking coffee processing. There’s a lot more, and of particular interesting are the interactive sessions in the 3 days after the conference day.  I like this new approach a lot.
Here’s the deal, if you want a €200 discount on a ticket, then use the discount code RECOHOFF (I didn’t pick the code btw!). It drops the price to €895 inc VAT.
I’m barely scratching the surface of the event - go and have a look here, and then register:
In Coffee
- I’m running a little survey about the bag of coffee you’re currently drinking (or the most recent one if you’ve a few on the go). I’d love your input, it takes less than 2 minutes I promise! Survey: Your current bag of coffee
- Interesting little piece in the NYT called “Your coffee is from where? California?”. One jaw-dropping quote:
A pound of dried green specialty coffee beans can sell for as much as $120 in today’s market, according to Andy Mullins, a retired technology executive who has planted coffee on his property east of Santa Barbara. “You should be able to produce a pound for under $30, which is a superb profit margin,” Mr. Mullins said. “The only places that see better margins than that are software companies.”
I can’t even…
- Not coffee, but relevant, is this long (but worthwhile) piece on the meaning and value of “artisan” in chocolate. We’ve not really used that word, but so much of it is applicable to coffee and our language and the ideals of quality-first businesses.
- An interesting article on Colombian growers dealing with climate change. A good overview, and lots of useful little details in there.
Three Interesting Things
- If you hate the Daily Mail (and I really do), and you’re not easily offended by language, then this is an entertaining review of “Mail Men: The Unauthorised Story of the Daily Mail”. 
- Are we better at smelling than we realise? Jamie Goode on our varying relationship with a pig pheromone.
- The surprising pattern behind colour names around the world (video). I am obsessed with our relationship with colour, particularly how we define colours. This is fascinating!
I’m grateful to you for subscribing, reading and sending me links to read. Please don’t stop! 
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