jimseven #19 - Another kind of drawdown

This week is less technology and more climate change, but a little less doom and gloom than usual. In
jimseven #19 - Another kind of drawdown
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This week is less technology and more climate change, but a little less doom and gloom than usual. In fact I feel a little flutter of hope in there somewhere. (I’m sure the impending UK elections will put a stop to that…). Also forgive the coffee pun in the title, though I’m not really sorry.

In Coffee...
- I wrote a piece asking “What’s the point of barista competition?”, and I’d recommend a couple of links in the first paragraph.
- I made a couple of videos, both little coffee hacks: “No More Static” and “Better Americanos”. 
Otherwise, a pretty quiet time in the coffee world. If I’m missing someone writing something interesting, then let me know and hit reply! (Having listened to a recent episode of The Exponent I am reminded that there is value in telling people nothing really happened!)
In Food...
- “Why We Are Self Publishing the Aviary Cookbook”. This was a fascinating read, insightful and helpfully transparent when it comes to the money involved in a cookbook like the Alinea one.
- “Let’s Be Clear: Bad Wines Are Bad Wines, Period.” A relevant piece from the New York Times, worth reading regardless of your level of interest in wine.
- “Food Waste Revolution: Turn trash into treasure and save the environment at the same time”. A nice primer from the independent. Food waste feels a little en vogue, but it is notable when it comes to the next section…
In Climate Change
- Drawdown by Paul Hawken (book). I’m very excited by this! Someone has written the book I most want to read at the moment: an analysis of what can be done to mitigate climate change, modelling for efficacy as well as plausibility. I can’t wait to get stuck into this. If you want a tl;dr…
- “A new book ranks the top 100 solutions to climate change” from Vox is a nice overview of the book. You will be surprised. Lots in here feels actionable, which is hugely important. If you read one thing, this week then read this.
- The Financial Times has declared a winner in the war for energy’s future. (This Think Progress piece is not paywalled like the FT.) If you want to see the slides from a Bloomberg keynote on energy they’re here.
Three Things to Finish
- history of the entire world, i guess. You’ve probably watched this already. If not, go and watch it all.
- Young professionals resist London’s lure and head north for jobs. A chart of migration of young professionals to and from London. The capital may be losing its lustre…
As always - thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great week! Submissions, suggestions and feedback are welcome as always.
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