jimseven #18 - Brain food, best taken with coffee.

This is one of those newsletters that comes from having read a bunch of interesting things recently a
jimseven #18 - Brain food, best taken with coffee.
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This is one of those newsletters that comes from having read a bunch of interesting things recently and wanting to share them! Also, it’s probably pretty much on schedule too! (Though I probably shouldn’t start prematurely claiming punctuality…)

Coffee Things
- “Coffee Isn’t Cool” is a piece I’ve been thinking about writing for a while. It seems to have struck a chord, it’s been a while since something I’ve written has been as widely shared.
- US Coffee Drinking Trends. Daily Coffee News has a nice summary of a report none of us can afford.
- “Problems with Firn-Led Voluntary Sustainability Schemes: The Case of Direct Trade”. It is long, but absolutely essential reading if this is an area of interest to you. A quote from the conclusion:
We found that direct trade as a voluntary regulatory scheme was an attempt to market and codify good sourcing practices, but that founding firms began distancing themselves from the term due to co-optation, in which direct trade came to represent more of a marketing strategy than the substantive sourcing standards of a voluntary sustainability scheme.
- “Coffee Value Can Be Predicted Without Tasting.” The robots are coming! Well, not really. Though the use of value here is completely wrong, and shows how narrowly some define value. (Quality would have been better in my eyes, but then that would have made other people mad….)
- “Why America’ Restaurant Industry Is In a Bubble About to Burst.” This is a great piece from Thrillist that is extremely relevant to coffee.
Three Things To Read
A regular complaint is that I send too many things to read. So here are just three more things (I have so much more, but I’ll save them for future editions…)
- The Citymapper Smartbus. The best app for navigating many cities via public transport has started a popup bus service. I am fascinated by this and love their open data approach to what they do.
- Is the Gig Economy Working? The New Yorker’s excellent piece is worth your time. Coffee never really got dragged into this, which I think is a good thing. Many would have disagreed a year or two ago. Maybe less now…
- Gender and Verbs across 100,000 stories. She screams and poisons, he kidnaps and beats…
Do please share this if you enjoy it, and I hope you have a great week.
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