jimseven #16 - There's good news and bad news

jimseven #16 - There's good news and bad news
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Even the bad news isn’t the worst news, which is nice. This is just a little newsletter this time, as I wanted to share something before a certain deadline…

Coffee Things
Good news! I’m delighted that my crowdfunding project has been a success. It runs for a few more days, and after that it goes from being a crowdfunding project into being more of a shop for a little while. The price also goes up a little, so if you want a copy now is the time to act!
Thank you to everyone who backed it, I’m extremely grateful for your support!
Bad news! Cascara is now banned in the UK, and probably soon in most of Europe. I made a little explanation video, and United Baristas wrote up a piece too:
Good news! What’s likely to come out of this is proper standards around cascara, and a solid foundation to build from if we’re really going to turn this byproduct into something serious and substantial. 
In other coffee news:
Three Things To Read
- How Americans Think About Climate Change, in Six Maps - The NYT. This is fascinating and depressing. Part of the world’s antipathy to this most serious threat is that we don’t really think it applies to us.
Sorry for the delayed response - The New Yorker. I laughed, but now I hate myself.
Whatever passes for normal
I’d say that normal service will resume next time, but I’ve lost track of what normal is. Thanks for reading, sharing and sending me stuff to read. Have a great week!
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