jimseven #12 - It's short, but is it too short?





jimseven #12 - It's short, but is it too short?
By James Hoffmann • Issue #12 • View online

All things coffee
It’s still a relatively quiet time in coffee. I wrote a piece about whether coffee is getting cheaper. I made a short, somewhat technical film about programming gravimetric things in a Black Eagle. The vlogging continues and you should subscribe if you want to follow along as I head to China, Japan, New Zealand and more this month. 
Don’t let the headline put you off. Well, maybe a little - I know I expect better from the Financial Times.
A conversation featuring Becky Reeves, Ashley Rodriguez, Liz Dean and Jesse Raub. Long, but worthwhile read.
Not Coffee
A friend shared this blog, and it is now one of my favourites when it comes to food, criticism and restaurants. I’d recommend starting with this piece on criticism. In fact, if you read one thing from this newsletter then it should be this.
I’m always interested, and happy, to read about anyone not squashed by the Amazon behemoth.
I’ve not linked to too much Brexit stuff, though I did find this piece particularly interesting.
Doubling down on the politics, but also sort of not. This piece is fascinating to me. Make of that what you will… 
I’m off to watch Citizen Kane again - I hope you have a great week!
No newsletter next week, because of the travel. Or, if I’m more organised than usual perhaps something entirely different….
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