jiimseven #24 - Coffee Jumps The Shark

While not the newest news, I should share that the e-book version of the jimseven book is now availab
jiimseven #24 - Coffee Jumps The Shark
By James Hoffmann • Issue #24 • View online
While not the newest news, I should share that the e-book version of the jimseven book is now available here. It’s about the same price as a cup of cofffee, comes in .epub and .mobi formats, and is (in my biased opinion) a damned good read. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project, it means a lot and physical books will be shipping out very soon I hope. If you want to support this newsletter then I guess buying an ebook is the best way. </hardsell>

Coffee (mostly)
- The Best of Panama auction jumped the shark, with one company spending $601/lb for one of the lots. I can’t condone or feel positive about this kind of spending. I have nothing but respect for the Petersons and their business, but I worry about a cup of coffee that has $23 of coffee cost in it, before anyone adds a margin.
- The media is using cold brew as an excuse for nonsense journalism. I’m looking at you Bloomberg…
- A somewhat contrarian piece from United Baristas titled “The True Cost of Espresso” is worth a read. Reading things you disagree with is helpful in clarifying what you really think about something. I mostly agree, but this still triggered some thinking in me.
- Visa is offering restaurants $10,000 if they stop accepting cash. I have a slow fermenting blog post on this topic coming soon. It’s looking like the end of cash is looming large. Time to start integrating cryptocurrency into retail. Speaking of which:
- 5 Ways Blockchain Technology Will Improve the Specialty Coffee Trade. A few straw man arguments here, so maybe read this tweetstorm instead.
Five Other Things
- The Trouble With Sex Robots (file under: things I wasn’t worrying about, but I’m glad other people are worrying about)
- $200 Solar Self Sufficiency (the possibilities of increasingly cheap components are very exciting!)
- The History of Avocado Toast (it’s really not a recent thing. At all.)
- Who Invented the High Five (Sorry, you’re too slow…)
- Robot Exclusion Protocol (this is Paul Ford from 15 years ago, and finally the Roomba makes it true.)
Thank you, once again, for reading this thing. Thank you again to everyone who sent links in the last couple of weeks: you make me smarter!
Have a great week,

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