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Jimmy's Jobs of the future - Series 2

Happy New Year! Although if 2021 was a subscription product, I would certainly be thinking about canc
Jimmy's Jobs of the future - Series 2
By Jimmy McLoughlin • Issue #5 • View online
Happy New Year! Although if 2021 was a subscription product, I would certainly be thinking about cancelling at the end of the two week trial period.
This email includes:
  • Announcing Series 2 of Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future and how you can shape it
  • My Times piece on the challenges for the new Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng 
  • Podcast episode: Christian May, Editor of City AM

Second series confirmed
It will launch in February / March time. 
I will be hosting live zoom sessions over the next couple of weeks, where people can join and tell us what you liked about the first series, what you didn’t like and what you would like to see more of in series 2. 
  • You could be someone who is listening and thinking about transitioning careers. 
  • Or you could be someone who is a recent graduate or current student
  • Or you could just be someone who is interested in where our economy is going and is curious to learn how a podcast is put together. 
From joining the session I hope you’ll learn a bit more about what goes into making a successful podcast, how we source the best guests and you’ll get the chance to have a say over what series two looks like and how we are planning to grow the show from a solid base.  I promise there’ll be no zoom fatigue. 
I am also happy to provide mentoring to those that join. We do have a lot of listeners now, but it is something that I am really passionate about. 
TO JOIN, just hit reply to this email and mention to us what your favourite episode was. 
A reminder below of some of our guests:
Season one - the stellar line up
Season one - the stellar line up
Kwasi Kwarteng - the new Business Secretary
Friday evening last week, Alok Sharma moved from being Business Secretary to focus on COP26, which is a huge United Nations climate conference the UK are hosting in November. The Prime Minister sees it as a key opportunity to set out the UK’s post Brexit vision to a global audience.
Alok’s replacement is Kwasi Kwarteng.When he first became an MP, he was sometimes referred to as the ‘Black Boris’, partly because he attended Eton, but also because he too has the brain the size of a planet, and when you have a conversation with him you feel like you are almost having three simultaneous conversations. 
I have known Kwasi for over a decade and he is a tremendous thinker and operator, but there is no doubt that the business community having to engage with their fourth business secretary in two years will feel a little frustrated. 
Can he step up and become one of the great Business Secretaries like Peter Mandelson, Vince Cable, Michael Heseltine or David Young?
Even though the first two aren’t from my tribe, I can recognise that they were undeniably big beasts and got the Department working in their favour.
You can read my full thoughts here.
Rather amusingly I have already been called ‘pond life’ in the comments section, I do find myself asking the question who gets up at 5am to leave such aggressive comments on a newspaper website?

Podcast Episode: Christian May, City AM
Whilst our Michele Romanow episode has been delayed, our final episode of Series 1 was therefore with the outgoing Editor of City AM, Christian May, who is an old colleague and friend of mine. 
City AM is a very entrepreneurial newspaper which covers business and finance, it was a daily newspaper on the streets of London with a daily readership of 100,000 before the coronavirus meant it had to shift online, although it is returning to print later this year.
The paper is known for producing excellent young reporters, the likes of Oliver Shah, the business editor at the Sunday Times, Kate McCann at Sky News and Julian Harris at the Daily Telegraph. 
Christian reflects on being Editor for five years at the paper and how the nature of journalism has changed. Some of the key takeaways:

  • Young journalists now pitch themselves as much more all rounded journalists rather than just great writers. 
  • You need curiosity, fearlessness, scepticism and not cynicism to be a good journalist. 
  • City AM has turned accountants and even electricians into journalists on the paper.
You can listen to the podcast on Apple here
On Spotify here
Or directly through your browser here.
Reflection on 2020
I resisted the urge to send a 2020 summary email, because I found my own inbox was deluged with them and it was really rather busy trying to tie everything up before the Christmas celebrations or not as the case turned out to be… 
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for listening in. We climbed into Apple’s top 20 business podcasts and featured in their education podcast list too, and Jimmy’s Jobs of the future  is now in the top 5% of podcasts across the world.
What has been really heartening has been to hear how people have applied and are now working at a number of the companies who have been on the show like Bulb and Decoded. 
A reminder you can join us for a live discussion on the second series of Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future, by simply hitting reply to this email and telling us which episode you enjoyed.
Please do forward this to a friend or colleague who is interested in the future of jobs - they can sign up here
And finally ... to make you smile
Derby County were knocked out of the FA Cup third round by non league Chorley, and the takeover the club that was expected in November has been promised for this week …. 
And Sheffield United have just won a match, meaning they’ll probably mean they manage to overtake Derby’s worst ever points tally of 11 points.
Watch the victors Chorley singing Adele … 
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