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Jimmy's jobs of the future - Pete Flint founder of two unicorn companies

Good morning,  This email includes:  A summary of our latest two episodesPete Flint - a General Partn
Jimmy's jobs of the future - Pete Flint founder of two unicorn companies
By Jimmy McLoughlin • Issue #4 • View online
Good morning, 
This email includes: 
  • A summary of our latest two episodes
  • Pete Flint - a General Partner at the Venture Capital Firm, NFX
  • Hayden Wood -  the founder of Bulb in a special bonus episode on the Green Industrial Revolution 
  • Check out the jobs that Bulb has available - there are lots!
  • Future guests and interesting things
Thank you for listening to the podcast, excitingly we are already seeing people join the companies that have been on the show. 
Three key themes of this podcast have been talent, diversity, and flexibility. 
Young ambitious companies always face a challenge between hiring a full time employee, but also getting the right level of experience for what they need and within their budgets.
That is where Juggle Jobs comes in, think of them as an AirBnB for high end employment …as Hayden Wood said in the first episode, hire talent, but rent experience.
You can post a free job advertisement on Juggle in just a few minutes, and then you are presented with intelligently matched candidates.
You can check them out at

New Episode: Pete Flint
This Morning we released the episode with Pete Flint. I am incredibly excited about this episode. When I wrote down my plan for Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future, I had a top 10 dream guests and Pete was one of those names so I’m thrilled I managed to get him on.
His background is as an entrepreneur - many entrepreneurs dream of reaching the fabled unicorn status, where a company is valued at over a billion dollars. 
Pete has achieved this, incredibly not just once but twice. He was part of the founding team of with Martha Lane Fox and Brent Hoberman which was acquired for £1.1 billion.  
After this, Pete came to California for his MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. While at Stanford, he noticed how difficult it was to search for housing and co-founded Trulia, which he led as the CEO to be then acquired by Zillow for $3.5 billion. 
Venture Capitalists sometimes have a reputation for being a bit aloof, but Pete and the team at NFX are far from that, they write very helpful and straightforward essays on the challenges that entrepreneurs face. I have been thinking for a year about how to transition my career post Downing Street, and their article on how to 10x your career is the best piece I have read. 
NFX how to 10X your career is here
Some of the fastest growing sectors he mentioned were Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology, Blockchain and Virtual Reality.
You can listen through Apple here
Or directly through your browser here.
Bonus Episode: Hayden Wood from Bulb
Hayden was our first ever guest on the show, he is the co-founder of Bulb, the renewable energy company which supplies 1.7 million homes in the UK. 
Bulb employ 900 people, a number that is growing by the week  - so we thought it would good to speak to Hayden again to get his take. 
We talked in a bit more detail about what they are looking to hire for at Bulb and how you don’t need a climate science degree to get a green job, with only 5% of Bulb’s workforce coming from an energy background. 
Hayden Wood
🎧 Great to be back on the @JimmysJobs podcast. Listen to the full episode here:
You can listen through Apple here
Or directly through your browser here.
Jobs with Bulb
If you want to work with one of the most exciting UK companies who are expanding into France and the United States. 
Check out some of the cool jobs Bulb has on offer at the moment:
  • Copywriters
  • Senior growth analysts
  • Global internal communications
  • Head of people
  • Head of talent
  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Senior Infrastructure Engineer 
  • Executive assistants
  • Graduate energy specialists
If you know someone who could fit one of those roles, why not forward them this email? A reminder you can sign up to receive the email here
You can see all the jobs here
**If you are looking to rent some experienced people for your business, why not check out the talent that is available on ** 
Future Guests
Next week’s guest is Michele Romanow, who is on the Canadian version of Dragon’s Den, and has launched the amazing ClearBanc - a new way for start ups to access capital, they have already funded 250 exciting UK start ups. Hit reply if you have any questions.
New podcasts and interesting things
Part of the reason I set up Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future is because I found the podcast space a little too reflective of people’s successes, not enough about where people were going. 
Another podcast that is looking to change this is Andy Coulson, in his new podcast, ‘crisis, what crisis? talking to people about their darkest moments where crisis completely engulfed them. 
As he starts his podcast, ‘I am a former newspaper editor, director of communications at 10 Downing Street and inmate of Her Majesty Prisons at Belmarsh’.
It is gripping stuff, I’d check out the second episode with Baroness Lane Fox (another founder of about the car accident in Morocco which almost killed her. It is available here. The Richard Bacon one is really good too about how he was fired from Blue Peter for drug taking, that is available here
As for more career tips why not check out the brilliant Squiggly Careers podcast, there is so much wonderful advice in their close to 200 episodes. If you are looking to dive in for the first time, why not check out the episode on how to develop a beginners mindset, episode #185
Want 100k for your startup idea?
They could pitch to some investors at the newly created Debut Sessions, it is hosted by the brilliant Kieran Hill at Ascension Ventures. I’ll be there, why not come along and say hello at one of the virtual networking sessions :) 
Debut Sessions
ANNOUNCING the LIVE @DebutSessions Pitch Competition 🔥

👉 Tuesday 15th Dec, 10am-1pm (ANYONE can attend) 🗓️
👉 4 pre-Seed #startups to pitch (1 chosen by YOU) 💻
👉 £100k Term Sheet from @AscensionGrp for the Winner 💷

More info & registration 👉
Virtual Christmas Party Idea
Looking for a virtual Christmas Party idea for your co-workers or even extended family over the break?
My fellow member of Ice entrepreneurs, James McAulay who runs Encore ran into this problem a few weeks ago, he was finding it very difficult to compare all the different options.
So he did the classic entrepreneur thing of solving the problem by building a platform for himself, so if you are trying to book a party or find a new way of engaging with extended family this Christmas, why not check it out at
Headline: How you can help ...
We are coming close to the end of the pilot series of Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future, as always I would love to hear your feedback, just hit reply on this email and tell me your thoughts for whether you would appreciate a second series and if so how could we improve the show. 
Derby County are now without a manager and still rock bottom of the league, so I am even more appreciative of any shares on social media particularly on LinkedIn.
But we are also on Instagram: @jimmysjobs
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I am personally on Twitter: @JimmyM 
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  • As ever if you have any thoughts, just hit reply to this email.
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