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Jimmy's Jobs of the future - Issue #2

Good morning,  This email includes:  a summary of our latest two episodes with Pip Jamieson from The
Jimmy's Jobs of the future - Issue #2
By Jimmy McLoughlin • Issue #2 • View online
Good morning, 
This email includes: 
  • a summary of our latest two episodes with Pip Jamieson from The Dots and Kathryn Parsons from Decoded; 
  • who else is listening to the podcast and; 
  • a call to action for how you can help Jimmy’s Jobs to grow.

Thank you
Firstly, a big thank you for making Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future, one of the top 20 business podcasts according to Apple’s charts. It is almost unheard of for a first episode of a boot strapped operation to achieve that. It is all thanks to those of you that listened, rated us on iTunes and shared us. 
Surreal and rather unepected
Surreal and rather unepected
Now, the tricky bit comes - keeping up momentum. If you can think of anyone who needs some career inspiration or guidance on the future of jobs, please do just forward this email.
New Episodes
First is Pip Jamieson, the founder of The Dots.
The Dots is a platform that connects creative and technology people to collaborate on exciting projects. It has seen stellar growth through 2020 and now has half a million members. It is powering what is now being referred to as ‘the no collar workers’, those in technology and the creative industries. 
Pip said, they are seeing an increase of the multi disciplinary individual, sometimes referred to as T shaped skill set or even colloquially as a ‘slashie’. 
Furthermore, they are seeing the rise of skill swappers, a trend where people are trading their time and skills in exchange for being taught skills in other areas. For example an accountant or lawyer may offer their time to a start up project in exchange for learning about more creative design and vice versa. They are seeing this increase at round 50% month on month.
When building The Dots, Pip referred to four golden skills of product: management, engineering, design and data.
You can listen to that episode here or wherever you get your podcasts.
Today, we have published the interview with Kathryn Parsons who runs the digital and data education company, Decoded.
They work with Burberry, Unilever, Marks & Spencer to provide Data Academies, which upskill existing employers to be able to deal with all the data these companies now possess. They have also become a modern day exporter setting up offices across the globe and having trained half a million people in 85 cities, including American companies like Nike. 
Kathryn believes that it should be a legal requirement for boards to understand data and cybersecurity, in the way that all board members have a grasp of finances. 
You can listen on directly through Buzzsprout here.
Or on Spotify here
Or Apple here
Who else is listening to the podcast
If you are listening to the podcast, I wanted you to know that you are in some very fine company:
Daniel Finkelstein
Looking forward to these. Jimmy is always fascinating on the shape of things to come.
Kate McCann
Just caught up with @jimmym’s new podcast and it’s such a great idea - where will the jobs of the future come from? Always lovely to listen to people who really love what they do too:
Former BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson also got in touch to say how much he enjoyed it, which was quite surreal seeing as I spend two hours listening to him interview politicians each morning on the Today Programme whilst giving my baby daughter breakfast …
I’ll let you decide who has the easier task …
It has been great to have such a positive reaction to the podcast. I am looking at possibly getting the podcast sponsored as that will allow me to extend the run beyond 8 episodes, if you know of someone that would be interested, please do hit reply to this email. 
How you can help...
As I have mentioned, I am bootstrapping all of this, so am very appreciative of any shares on social media particularly on LinkedIn.
But we are also on on
Instagram: @jimmysjobs
Twitter: @jimmysjobs
Or of course even be old fashioned and tell a friend about it on Whatsapp … I know that people are doing this, because I have had some friends get in touch and say ‘you’ll never guess what but I have had an unrelated friend tell me about told me about YOUR podcast
Interesting Reads
I get lots of information about the future from an excellent newsletter from Neer Sharma, which profiles what patents have been filed by tech giants , you can sign up here.

- Google are thinking about advertising in an AR world

- Microsoft are building smart meeting summarisations that track the sentiment of each participant

- Square updated a patent application that hadn't been touched in 6 years
Tabitha Goldstaub, the AI champion has published a book on how to talk to robots, it’ll be on my Christmas list.
tabitha goldstaub
I'm so lucky to have front-row seat on AI developments and an unfair advantage in making sure it works for I wrote @HowRobots to ensure other women get the tips and tricks they need to stay one step ahead.

Please do buy for your loved ones today:
How to 10x your career, how much is it luck vs. skill, from the venture capitalist Pete Flint of NFX, Pete has been a founding member of TWO start ups that have gone onto achieve billion dollar valuations is available here
Pete Flint
How much of success is a result of luck vs. skill?

Luck factors in for me, but so does a decision-making framework that leads to 10X outcomes.

Today I'm sharing a guide for young Founders, team members & students aiming to build 10X careers:
Silicon Valley comes to UK are hosting a big conference next week, which is free to attend, that is where I first met Pip Jamieson - that is here.
Thanks for reading, listening and for sharing, it means a great deal
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Jimmy speaks to entrepreneurs and business leaders about where they think the jobs of the future are coming from.

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