Shake your writing life up

Hi there, Good morning from Virginia Beach. I'm currently on vacation with my family and I'm writing
Shake your writing life up
By Jim Woods • Issue #2
Hi there, 
Good morning from Virginia Beach. I’m currently on vacation with my family and I’m writing this for you on a pull-out couch with a sailboat blanket on it. On the floor there is a big rug with anchors on it. (Can’t make this up right?!) I’ve only been here about a half-day so far but I find myself wanting to write more. This is a big deal after having been stuck for the last few days on my novel. 
So what changed? Well, in my case I changed locations. I’m not sitting in the same coffee shop I usually work in, sitting in the same place, drinking the same drink. I’m a creature of habit, okay :) If you’re at all like me, I’m willing to bet it’s time to shake things up a bit. Go to a new place. Instead of writing in Scrivener, write on actual paper. Instead of writing sitting down, try writing standing up. Maybe you’d like to splurge on a spiffy typewriter on eBay. (Yes, I totally did that a while ago. Here’s mine.) 
Now, let’s move on to the links to help you out….

Helpful Reads
Here are 21 writing prompts to help you create fantastic content. A great starting off point for when you get stuck. 
Some things are races, but not many.  Here Seth will inspire you in less than 100 words. 
Want more readers? Of course you do! Well, This is a great summary for how to improve your blog. When you do that, more readers will stick around.  
We all have times where we don’t want to write. I think you’ll find this post encouraging. 
A Final Thought To Inspire You...
Before I go work on my writer’s tan, I have a question for you…. how did you shake things up? What did you do? I want to know! Just reply to this email. You gotta do SOMETHING. I bet it will work. Talk to you soon!
Keep writing,
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