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Thematic Issue #8: How

Jeff Gibbard
Jeff Gibbard
We all want to learn and grow.
Sometimes that requires us to deeply understand an idea. Other times, it requires us to deeply understand a process.
Today, we’re going tactical. Here are a few “How To” posts, for those of you that want a guide to follow.
I’m giving you 5 posts today, but you can find all of my how to posts here.

How To Write The Perfect Bio
How To Write Copy That Is The Perfect Length
amanda leek
Got a story? Want to start #PR?

Here's how to build a list of media people or influencers most likely to be interested.

I do PR campaigns for clients.

This is what I do. Every time.

How To Set Your Prices | A Deep Dive
How To Go Up-Market
Sachin Ramje 🚢
Job Search 101

How to land your dream job?

Hyper-visual thread🧵 on @SahilBloom thread

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How to change the world
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Jeff Gibbard
Jeff Gibbard @jgibbard

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