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Thematic Issue #6: Purpose

Jeff Gibbard
Jeff Gibbard
“Purpose” Is Not the Same Thing as “the Reason”
Why do we get up and go to work?
It’s a question I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves. The obvious answer is that we exist in an economic system that requires work in exchange for money and money in exchange for the necessities of life. However, the reason we work becomes harder to pin down when we frame it in the context of “a life worth living.” The logistical becomes existential. 

Work Culture
Did you know you can work in your #purpose right where you are, even if it's not your "dream job"?! It's true. Purpose goes with you anywhere and everywhere. It makes sure you're never in the wrong room at the wrong time. #leadership
Purpose, Leadership, and Potential
Go Beyond™
The shift in the workforce that has been dubbed The Great Resignation, has employees reconsidering if they can live out their purpose at work or not. Let them know that their fulfillment at work matters in the company's purpose.
#gobeyond #purpose #thegreatresignation
Three Sentences
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