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Thematic Issue #5: Feedback

Jeff Gibbard
Jeff Gibbard
If you plan to grow, at some point, you’re going to need an outside perspective. Getting feedback can threaten our ego. Giving feedback can threaten someone else’s. For something so critical, handling it well is remarkably elusive.
Let’s talk about feedback.

How to properly serve a sh*t sandwich
Amber Naslund
In a work world so often focused on airy concepts like “constructive feedback” it’s easy to believe that everyone gets a vote or an opinion on your work.

Not so.

Learning to decide who the vote holders actually are is a critical part of mental health.
"Honestly, I don't like it"
Adam Grant
When people ask for your feedback, it's a mark of respect. They value your knowledge, skill, or taste.

When they don't hesitate to give you feedback, it's a sign of trust. They have faith that you'll take it as an opportunity to grow, not a threat to your ego.
Coaching Toolkit: The Art of Feedback
Oooh, Look! A Bonus Post.
Do you even have a head?
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