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Thematic Issue #4: Creativity

Jeff Gibbard
Jeff Gibbard
Creativity is available to everyone. It is simply a matter of thinking about things from new angles and connecting things that are otherwise disconnected. This is a skill that can be learned, by anyone. It is a muscle that can be exercised, by anyone. It is a new way that we can choose to approach each day.

Opinions, Agreements, and Facts
Susan Wenzel
Creativity is a form of mindfulness; it helps us feel alive, exuberant, focused and productive.
Creating small things can help with momentum for bigger goals.

What have you created lately?
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The Creative Costs of Goods Sold
How to write incredible emails
Kathy B. Ramsperger
Would you like to know how to grow your creativity?

Use it. You'll never use it up, because the more you exercise your creativity, the more it grows and the more you will have.

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Jeff Gibbard
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