Thematic Issue #1: Commitment





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Jeff Gibbard
Jeff Gibbard
“…if you have made more commitments than you have the capacity to honor, then you are not over-committed, you are under-committed, because you have not actually committed to seeing it through to completion.”

Commitment Issues - by Jeff - Becoming Superhuman
love yo self.
self-belief is a powerful choice.

self-belief leads to commitment.
commitment leads to consistency.
consistency leads to understanding.
understanding leads to clarity.
clarity leads to growth.
growth leads to success.

it all starts with self belief.
Work, Love, and Language
Brené Brown
Hard conversations are never easy—it’s a commitment and a practice to choose courage over comfort. On “Dare to Lead” this week we talk about the Engaged Feedback Checklist: the primary tool we use to build a daring feedback practice.
Coaching Toolkit: The Art of Feedback
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Becoming Superhuman
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Jeff Gibbard
Jeff Gibbard @jgibbard

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