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Stop playing in freelancer's faces

Stop playing in freelancer's faces
By Jewel Wicker • Issue #19 • View online

Here’s a quick word of advice for any freelance reporters who want to know how to tell if an editor/client is going to be a nightmare to work with. If their call for pitches or initial email features wildly unrealistic expectations for freelancers but doesn’t even include the rate they’re willing to pay, they’re already demonstrating a lack of respect for your time.
If it’s not an assignment that you need or feel passionate about, it’s OK to pass on it. The best thing about being freelance is that you can decide who you want to work with and who you absolutely have no desire to interact with. If you think it’s a good opportunity, try to negotiate the rate a bit to cover your future headache. Because, trust me, if someone can’t communicate efficiently in an initial request, the editing process probably won’t be much smoother. Run the check up, friends. And make sure your contract is fair and protects your labor.
A few other random (but important) reminders for my fellow reporters this week:
  • If you have some downtime during work hours this summer, you should also take some time to archive your articles. Don’t put your faith in the belief that these floundering publications will always exist.
  • Also, casual reminder to those of us reporting in Atlanta that this city does a good job of boosterism all by itself. As we continue to be in the spotlight for culture and politics, it’s important to remember that it’s our job to cover the totality of this city and sometimes that means holding popular, powerful people accountable.
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TAKE ME HOME (Lyric Video)
TAKE ME HOME (Lyric Video)
What I'm Listening to (and Watching)
  • How I Built This: Mailchimp
  • Amorphous and Kelly Rowland’s “Finally (Cannot Hide It)” on Jimmy Kimmel Live (It was directed by my friend, Malia!)
taking back our sound and culture on national television. got to include so many of my friends in this. will never forget this moment. #FinallyCannotHideIt with @KELLYROWLAND on @JimmyKimmelLive. 🙌🏾
  • ‘Still, Life’ by Gray Chapman and Dane Sponberg
Still, Life
Still, Life
I won’t have the birth I pictured. But I’ll say it to myself over and over again, in hopes that one day I’ll feel its truth in my bones: You were always meant to be born like this.
  • Mariah the Scientist’s RyRy World
Mariah the Scientist - 2 You (Official Video)
Mariah the Scientist - 2 You (Official Video)
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If you are a company that cannot work out why people are burned out, let me simplify it for you: burnout is caused by working with seemingly no end. It is a form of exhaustion. It is not, at its core, a mental health issue - it is an issue with being overloaded and having no respite from said overload, and trying to solve it by offering “mental health” and “wellness” and “meditation” stuff is disingenuous.
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