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I think I've said enough online this week...

I think I've said enough online this week...
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I sent a couple of tweets criticizing anonymous IG news accounts this week and people acted like they’d lost their entire minds – cussing me out, calling me names and leaving rat emojis under my posts for three days. For the record, I stand by saying these accounts are dangerous. And I believe this reaction (encouraged by the owner of the account) is a prime example of this.
Jewel Wicker
Be mindful of where you’re getting your local news. Ask yourself how much reporting and context is included in these posts. Are sources cited? Do the posts seem to encourage fear mongering and stereotyping/racists comments about certain groups or people/neighborhoods?
Still, I could really use a break from the digital world for a few days. So, I’m off to book the free spa appointment I won this week!
Happy Friday, yall!
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