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A closer look at how I use Notion...
My business home page on Notion.
My business home page on Notion.
I talked about my use of Notion to organize both the personal and professional aspects of my life a few issues ago so I figured it would be helpful to show you all a glance at my business homepage. It features links to all of the pages I use for business, a toggle menu that reveals a checklist of my 2022 professional goals and my bio for quick sharing.
Here’s how I use each page:
  • Finance planner - this is where I post my annual income goal (and how I plan to achieve it). I also include a spreadsheet of my monthly expenses.
  • OOO Planner - This is self explanatory. I track my holidays and “out of office” days here.
  • Client Info - I list rate ranges, payment terms, editor and accounting contact info, etc. I’ve also implemented a ranking system of how much I enjoy working with each client based on the aforementioned info.
  • Press - If I’m mentioned in a publication, I keep track of it here.
  • Assignments - I tailored this template to my individual needs. The spreadsheet then allows me to toggle between a look at all my assignments or just the ones that are incomplete, unpaid, etc.
  • Pitches - I keep tack of any story ideas, here. I created this template myself and gave myself the option to toggle between all of my pitches, or ideas that have been accepted or haven’t been submitted yet. Happy to share this template in a later issue, if that’s helpful for anyone.
Last week, I took a poll...
Jewel Wicker
My fellow reporters, I’m curious how many of you consider yourselves to be “creatives.”
As we continue to have talks about journalists, brands and the creator economy, I took the above poll on Twitter. Nearly 100 people participated, with 67% saying they identify as “creatives.”
I think the Poynter article I feature in the “recent reads” section below really sums up why we’re having this conversation at all. As our work continues to be mined more consistently for film & TV projects, and other content, I do think it’s worthwhile to think about the way we’re framing our jobs both internally and externally.
Note: As one of my editors points out, “creative” is an adjective and we’re all annoying for referring to humans in this way. He’s not wrong and that’s likely another reason why people bristle at this framing.
What I'm Listening to (and watching):
Speaking of journalism that was mined for TV content…
I’m so sorry but I only acknowledge Amanda “Elizabeth Holmes” Seyfried and Hulu’s ‘The Dropout’ right now.
Recent Reads:
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