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Compose is up to alpha08, so this week we explore what that means. We also peek at the new “Arctic Fox” edition of Android Studio, try to remember when we need to remember(), and look at design systems and themes. Plus, we get yet another reminder that we need to be patient as Compose has its API reviewed and standardized.
Reminder: Compose alpha08 requires Kotlin 1.4.20, whereas previous versions did not support 1.4.20. Also note that androidx.ui packages, such as ui-tooling and ui-test, are now in the androidx.compose.ui artifact group.

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…And One More Thing
The renaming and refactoring is continuing at a brisk pace, and we should expect more of the same in upcoming alphas.
The good news is that these decisions are being made by an “API council”. Presumably, that group is responsible for setting naming standards, helping to identify what needs to be changed, and dealing with one-off naming concerns.
The release notes suggest that they are codifying their naming standards, which will add some measure of predictability to upcoming changes. Plus, for “new construction”, hopefully they will use these standards at the outset and therefore be less likely to have to be altered later.
Still, this makes keeping up with the alpha releases annoying — each new update means a new round of figuring out what is moved, what is deprecated, etc. This time around, that is on top of having to decide which Android Studio version to use (4.2 Canary 16? 4.2 Beta 1? 2020.3.1 Canary 1 Arctic Fox “Omaha!”?)
As always, patience is the watchword.
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Mark Murphy, CommonsWare

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