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By Mark Murphy, CommonsWare • Issue #133 • View online
This week, Google warns us that we may be using TextField() wrong. 😮
Google also suggests that we should be thinking in Compose but… what if that leads us to use TextField() wrong?!? 😱
Beyond that, we look at accessibility and paging, we draw some waveforms, and we look at an undo system for letting users correct errors!
(really, though, that seems superfluous — I, for one, nevre maek typose 😁)

One Off the Stack, One Off the Slack
You’ve got questions. That’s understandable!
How Do We Recompose When Clipboard Contents Change?
Composable Commentary
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Medium: Effective state management for TextField in Compose
Medium: Thinking in Compose
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Medium: Compose Component Builders
Improving app accessibility with Jetpack Compose
Medium: How to Use the Android Paging3 Library With Jetpack Compose
Medium: Custom ExoPlayer Controls in Jetpack Compose
Resource Roundup
100% pure code!
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Mark Murphy, CommonsWare

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