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This week, we have a new batch of Compose and Wear Compose releases, including some noteworthy changes in a brand-new beta.
Beyond that, we look at Android 13 per-app language support, optimizations, and MVI. And we peek at a zoom implementation and a plugin for viewing Icon implementations in the IDE gutter.

Ooooo… What Did We Get?
Reviewing the release notes for the latest Jetpack Compose update!
Surprisingly, we are up to a beta again for Compose: 1.3.0-beta01. That is a bit less than three months after 1.2.0-beta01, which is a faster release cadence than I would have expected.
The biggest thing is that they overhauled the Modifier implementation. The API surface is stable. However, there is a distinct possibility of there being bugs in the implementation. If you do encounter problems, post a repro case either on the #compose Slack channel at Kotlinlang, or file an issue. See the release notes for more details of what changed.
Another change is if you have attempted to have a dialog or a popup with an elevation over 8dp — your elevation will now be clamped at 8dp. That is due to an accessibility problem on the majority of current Android devices.
In other changes, they:
  • Added DialogProperties.decorFitsSystemWindows to allow dialogs to deal with window insets
  • Modified the API of rememberTextMeasurer(), so you may need to switch to remember { TextMeasurer() } syntax for options no longer supported by rememberTextMeasurer()
  • Added more support for lazy list snapping via SnapFlingBehavior and SnapLayoutInfoProvider
Wear Compose got a 1.0.1 patch release. There was a bug with ScalingLazyColumn() and very short lists (e.g., two items). That fix is also in 1.1.0-alpha04, which also changes some of the default MaterialTheme colors for better contrast.
One Off the Stack, One Off the Slack
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