Jess Lahey

I write about all kinds of stuff but if you are into the writing life, the woods of Vermont, life with dogs, or my work in child welfare and substance use prevention, then you are in the right place.

I write about all kinds of stuff but if you are into the writing life, the woods of Vermont, life with dogs, or my work in child welfare and substance use prevention, then you are in the right place.

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Announcing my new video series: The Addiction Inoculation in My Office

Happy September everyone! I'm heading back out on the road for another year of speaking to schools and communities about The Gift of Failure and The Addiction Inoculation, and I can't wait. I love this part of my job so much, and yet I know there are people w…


I have the most amazing news.

A while back, I announced I'd been working as a prevention coach for Sana at Stowe, a medical detox and recovery center in Stowe, Vermont. I also mentioned that I'd asked Sana to dedicate every bit of my salary to a scholarship fund for young people who are r…


My Wall of Things: Part 4

I'm looking out my office window on a frozen Vermont forest, and despite my flagging vitamin D levels and enthusiasm for snow, I'm feeling so very grateful.I've had a busy week of writing, finishing some home renovation projects, and speaking to nearly one th…


300 Episodes, and Thank You.

In 2015, I attended a session at Mom 2.0 Summit called something aspirational like "Launch Your Own Podcast" with the full intention of doing just that. I sat next to my friend Asha Dornfest and we took copious notes while whispering back and forth about our …


My Wall of Things: Part 3

I'm so happy to hear that many of you are enjoying the wall tour! My father and I have been hard at work finding the stories for each thing, so let's get going on part 3. Go here for part 1 and here for part 2. Item 41. Yet another Harry Potter wand, at the r…


My Wall of Things: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of identifying and explaining the items on my Wall of Things. If you missed part 1, click here. Where were we...oh, yes. 21. Item 21. From my father: "A sad story. These were in a beautiful 6x8 inch antique embossed and gold leafed leather f…


My Wall of Things

I posted a tweet about taking down then re-assembling my office Wall of Things around my new Simone Giertz Every Day Calendar (item 81) this week and readers had questions. Lots of them. Let's do this in installments, shall we? There are, after all, 184 items…


Let Winter Nights Enlarge (until tomorrow, anyway)

The year is coming to an end and in a twist I never saw coming, 2021 ended on a high note.My episode of the Tim Ferriss Show finally aired last week and I was delighted with how it turned out. Tim and I talked for hours about everything from Albert Schweitzer…



Well, hello! It seems there are a lot of new people here, populating my newsletter feed, and I believe I have the Trauma Super Conference, Rich Roll's addiction and recovery masterclass and Tim Ferriss to thank! What with all these new friends, I thought I'd …


Speaking of Rich Roll...

I love talking with ultra athlete, author, and plant-powered podcaster Rich Roll because he's a genuinely curious person, someone who seeks to raise other people up and become a better, more informed person with every conversation. I have had the rare privile…


I wrote another thing for you.

I get this question a lot, especially after something I've written strikes a chord "out there" and/or gets a lot of shares and likes.Oh how I wish I had a direct line into the big, juicy zeitgeist, but the truth is this: I write about the things that interest…


Jess Lahey - Issue #3

I promised a part 2 of the "Music to My Ears" post, about Finn's journey from music hater to musician, so here goes.


Jess Lahey - Issue #2

One of the questions I get from parents a lot is, "Should I let my kid quit [insert activity here]?"My answer is always, "That depends on your family's priorities." I know, it sounds like a cop out, but it's not, I promise. Let me tell you a story. When my ol…


Weekly newsletter of Jessica Lahey - Issue #1

Finn, my youngest, turned eighteen today. His big brother, Ben, came home for college, we ate birthday dinner and cake, and watched a movie together. It was divine.If you have been reading my work over the past decade or so, you have met Finn before, first as…