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October 13 · Issue #12 · View online

Hi friend! I'm looking forward to sharing all sorts of awesome tidbits from the lands of #Mobile, #Marketing, #Strategy, #Privacy, #VR, #UX, #ProductManagement and #LeanProduct!

Hi everybody! Who’s sick of election season? As for me, I can’t wait to get back to hating each other over which way the toilet paper roll goes on the pin. I think we can all agree there are two types of people is this world: There are those who know it goes over the top … and then there are MONSTERS. 
Oh, and watch for some cool stuff from me real soon. I’m working on my new weekly'ish video series where I’ll be discussing the top headlines you see here in the email newsletter, only with more of my (less) fat face all up in your grill! 
Let’s get to the GOOD STUFF! 

Life & Science
Seth's Blog: Cable news
8 attributes of successful market-creating innovations - Christensen Institute : Christensen Institute
Is Drone Racing a Sport Yet?
Get a custom Cup Noodles made at Japanese museum of your dreams
Media & Tech
Casey Neistat Can Pretty Much Do Anything He Wants When Creating Commercials | Adweek
Virtual Reality Takes On the Videoconference - WSJ
How Assistant Could End Up Eating Google’s Lunch
If It Can Be Automated, It Will Be Automated
Ford’s Road to Full Autonomy
Image of the Week
People look through eclipse viewing glasses, telescopes or photo cameras an annular solar eclipse, on September 1, in Saint-Louis, on the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion. 
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