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Thoughts on Thursday: Weekly('ish) @JeremyCee | S01.E09



June 16 · Issue #9 · View online

Hi friend! I'm looking forward to sharing all sorts of awesome tidbits from the lands of #Mobile, #Marketing, #Strategy, #Privacy, #VR, #UX, #ProductManagement and #LeanProduct!

Howdy folks! Phew … long time, no email … I know right?  I did some significant traveling all around in May and was on the hustle getting elementary school lined up for our 5 yr old. It’s been QUITE the 4-6 weeks of craziness! 
So, now I’ve got enough goodies saved up to share them with all of YOU!
Also popping with me, a lot of you know I’ve been on a mission since November to lose 100lbs by my birthday this December. Well, last weekend I weighed in at SEVENTY (7-ZERO) lbs down from the 309 I started at. I ran the first organized 5k “race” of my life and got my bike out for my first big ride (12 miles) of this season. I’m so crushing my goal it’s not even funny. If this dough boy can do it. You can too. 
PLEASE … if you open and read this issue, hit that [REPLY] button. Tell me two things … tell me how I’m doing … and tell me what’s ONE thing that you’ve either always wanted to know or that you are currently facing a challenge with in your business, at your “job” or generally in your life. I’m here to help YOU succeed, so tell me how best to do that!

Life & Science
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Media & Tech
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Image of the Week
Muhammad Ali yells during a news conference in New York, 1974. (Ron Frehm/AP)
Muhammad Ali yells during a news conference in New York, 1974. (Ron Frehm/AP)
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