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Monday Musings: Weekly @JeremyCee | S02.E01



May 8 · Issue #14 · View online

Hi friend! I'm looking forward to sharing all sorts of awesome tidbits from the lands of #Mobile, #Marketing, #Strategy, #Privacy, #VR, #UX, #ProductManagement and #LeanProduct!

Hey strangers! Oh, wait, that’s me that’s been the stranger. It looks like my last newsletter was in October 2016 … so, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Might as well call this “Season 2” of the newsletter, I suppose. 
Yeah, I know. Basically that period set off quite the tumultuous cascade of events in my life and the dust is just settling a bit. I’ve been waiting to fully reengage with all my online communications, thinking I’d share more about the turbulence and upheaval in my life …. but there’s no reason to keep delaying while I weigh what I want to share. 
I’ll get to more of that later. I’ve been coming across great reads as always and just want to get a fresh note to everyone’s inbox!
- @JeremyCee

Life & Science
How Counter-Strike turned a teenager into a compulsive gambler
Live your own damn way. You don’t have to follow the rules.
Lessons from the World’s Largest Megacity​
When Will Robots Take All the Jobs? - The Atlantic
What $50 Buys You at Huaqiangbei, the World’s Most Fascinating Electronic Market.
Media & Tech
Silkworms Spin Super-Silk after Eating Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene - Scientific American
The End of Tech Companies
Small Hospitals Turn to Telemedicine for ER Services
The New Gold Rush? Wall Street Wants your Data – Matt Turck
Image of the Week
China's "homegrown" C919 Passenger Jet
China's "homegrown" C919 Passenger Jet
China’s first large “homegrown” airliner made its maiden flight Friday in a major challenge to Western dominance of the skies. The C919 jet was built at a reported development cost of $8.6 billion.
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