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May 17 · Issue #17 · View online

Hi friend! I'm looking forward to sharing all sorts of awesome tidbits from the lands of #Mobile, #Marketing, #Strategy, #Privacy, #VR, #UX, #ProductManagement and #LeanProduct!

DON’T READ ANY FURTHER – just hit “Reply” and say “HI!” or something else fun. Just want to hear how you’re doing, no matter what!
Man, what a difference a year makes! Apparently I totally lost track of this thing last summer in the midst of running full speed with a small start-up I was working with at the time and looking for my next big adventure. Then, I found it!
Since November 2017, I’ve been back to building great new products. This time, for Credit Unions all over Michigan and even across the US. 
I’m going to reboot the newsletter and plan to include lots of new juicy bits on Payments and Fintech since that’s the stuff I’m following a lot more intently these days. 
However, Privacy – especially of the “digital” flavor – has become quite the high-octane topic these days. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for all the best from that realm as well. 
What else do you want to hear about in 2018?
More to come real soon!

P.S. - If we’re not connected on LinkedIn yet, fix that ASAP! 
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