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The Truth About Mondays

Welcome to The Block. I’m Jeremiah Lewis, crypto-enthusiast and early adopter. This is a twice-weekly

The Block

February 26 · Issue #19 · View online
Weekly curated #cryptocurrency news and commentary.

Welcome to The Block. I’m Jeremiah Lewis, crypto-enthusiast and early adopter. This is a twice-weekly email digest comprising one or two short topical essays followed by a manageable collection of curated links.
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We all feel you, Garfield.
We all feel you, Garfield.
You guys, it’s Monday. And Mondays suck. They just do. And this Monday is so bad. Everyone is in the crypto-dumps (they shouldn’t be, but you can’t fight human psychology). I can understand wanting to bury your head under the covers and hope it’s all a bad dream. It can even affect your mental health.
The struggle is real, amiright?
But wait. I’ve got news for you. Garfield isn’t depressed because it’s Monday. Why would Monday matter to him? He doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t have to go anywhere or do anything. He’s leading the life of Riley.
Ready to have your mind blown?
Garfield hates Mondays because he can’t admit to himself that he loves Jon so much that when Jon goes to work after a nice weekend relaxing with him and Odie at home, he experiences the unspeakable pain of worlds breaking apart. Garfield doesn’t just miss Jon. He needs Jon.
What does this have to do with cryptocurrency?
Everyone’s happy and getting fat on lasagna until suddenly the markets correct and the good times are over. The weekend has come and gone, and now we’re back in the grind, the long slog of the week.
This is our Monday. We need to admit that, and prepare for a week of Jon leaving us every morning before the weekend comes again. Until you’re prepared for the week, you will never truly appreciate the weekends with your best friend Jon.
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Wrap Up
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