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Money Never Sleeps

Welcome to The Block. I’m Jeremiah Lewis, crypto-enthusiast and early adopter. This is a twice-weekly

The Block

February 21 · Issue #18 · View online
Weekly curated #cryptocurrency news and commentary.

Welcome to The Block. I’m Jeremiah Lewis, crypto-enthusiast and early adopter. This is a twice-weekly email digest comprising one or two short topical essays followed by a manageable collection of curated links.
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Making Money While Banks Sleep
Monday, February 19 was a bank holiday. Billions, if not trillions of dollars were not sent over bank networks. But money never sleeps, as the Bitcoin Uptime network reliability website reminds us. While the rest of the financial world took a nap, $7 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin was traded, and $1 billion transmitted, on a pretty stunningly reliable, if not always the most efficient, network.
Although, it is getting more efficient, and cheaper…
Bitcoin’s transaction fee crisis is over—for now
Funny Name or Not, Schnorr Is Becoming a Big Deal for Bitcoin
Prices Aside, Crypto's Tech Stack Is Steadily Improving
Speaking of value, cryptocurrency’s value is not guaranteed. So sayeth Vitalek Buterin, co-founder of the world’s 2nd most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum:
Bitcoin price could hit 'near-zero', Ethereum cryptocurrency co-founder warns
This is no different than anything I’ve said before in this newsletter or in personal conversations. The value of crypto is what value is imparted to it by its users. Ideally, use value will match price value, and over time that will become more the case as good weeds out bad. In the meantime, as the wise man says, don’t put all your savings into cryptocurrency unless you’re prepared to lose it all.
Inside Uncle Sam's Secret Bitcoin Hoard
Remember how Jamie Dimon declared Bitcoin to be a fraud and insisted no one from JPMorgan Chase would be trading in Bitcoin (or they’d be in danger of losing their job)?
It seems JPMorgan has heard and accepted the gospel, or is writing its own. Presenting: The Bitcoin Bible, a 71-page document of excruciating details of Bitcoin, the blockchain, and cryptocurrency economies. Do as Jamie Dimon says, not as Jamie Dimon does, I guess.
Jamie Dimon isn’t the only one trying to figure out just what will happen with cryptocurrency. See that Steven Seagal looking guy in the thumbnail below? That’s Nick Spanos of the Bitcoin Centre as he goes head-to-head against Warren Buffet’s claim that cryptocurrency would “almost certainly come to a bad end.”
“Warren Buffett is good at renting furniture, but this is a very different system.“ —Nick Spanos
Dang, Nick, that’s quite the white-glove insult.
World Government Summit: Where does the future lie for Bitcoin?
And don’t worry, Steven Seagal isn’t getting left out of the conversation either. He’s got his own cryptocurrency shilling practice now.
Steven Seagal has graduated from shilling for Russian arms to cryptocurrency
Wrap Up
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