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Bitcoin is the ultimate Conflict Resolution mechanism

This is The Block. Every so often it's important to revisit some basic economic principles in order t

The Block

July 10 · Issue #54 · View online
Weekly curated #cryptocurrency news and commentary.

This is The Block. Every so often it’s important to revisit some basic economic principles in order to bolster our understanding (or belief) in the underlying fundamentals of cryptocurrency. But every so often you run across a leap in intuition that brings things further into focus.
To wit, please visit the tweet below and read the whole thread. It’s succinct and yet contains an entirety of a philosophical motion for Bitcoin’s (and cryptocurrency’s) pre-eminence as a problem-solving device–namely, removing or at least reducing conflict within society.
It’s such a unique take on the idea of money-as-an-instrument that I felt like it was worth re-posting here for you to enjoy and hopefully gain some new meaningful insights in the process.

Tuur Demeester
1/ In this thread I make a philosophical argument for Bitcoin being a socially scalable contribution to conflict prevention in society, contrasting it with the current system of monetary interventionism.
1 Month of Crypto and Not a Thai Cave
No comment, other than, “Ouch!”
No, that’s not a diagram of the twists and turns of a Thai cave. But it could be an indication of a price reversal. Or it might just mean Bitcoin will continue to be under water. Like a Thai cave.
It’s been another week of gains as BTC climbs above $6700 but finds resistance at $6800.
Hyperbitcoinization is the theoretical $100M future of Bitcoin according to one theorist.
The Swiss are coming! The Swiss are coming!
Google’s Sergey Brin regrets not getting in on the hype.
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That’s it for today. Thanks for reading!
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