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Bitcoin Halvening Is A Place On Earth

It's Monday, April 30, and this is The Block. Did you hear the joke about the person who exploited vu

The Block

April 30 · Issue #37 · View online
Weekly curated #cryptocurrency news and commentary.

It’s Monday, April 30, and this is The Block.
Did you hear the joke about the person who exploited vulnerabilities in two basic internet protocols that route traffic around the world just to steal some Ethereum? It’s a good one. Also, not a joke.
So what, you might be saying. Doesn’t seem like a big deal. Here, let me use all caps: SOMEONE HACKED DNS ROUTES TO STEAL $14,000 IN CRYPTOCURRENCY.
That’s dedication.
It also leads one to remember that security ought to be your number one concern and priority. Crypto, people–it’s in the name. Protect your assets, and follow proper security protocols. Be smart. And maybe stay off the internet.
But maybe wait until after you finish reading this newsletter. Annnnnd go!

Warren Buffet says cryptocurrency is basically gambling and is bearish longterm
St. Louis Federal Reserve says Bitcoin is ‘like regular currency’
Bitcoin climbed 30% this past month, total crypto market cap increased 70%
Nasdaq CEO amenable to trading crypto once regs are stabilized
The Halvening Halvened, and It'll Halven Again
The 17 millionth Bitcoin was mined last week. Roughly 12.5 Bitcoins are mined every 10 minutes (on average) now, which is how you can calculate the next halving event in 2020, at which point the reward will drop to 6.25 Bitcoins per block. Or you can go to the website below:
Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown
Or you can check out the Controlled Supply entry on Wikipedia.
Interested in the exact mechanism itself? It’s pretty cool. Even if you’re not a programmer, you should be able to see how the halving operates.
And of course, if you haven’t yet, read the nine-page Bitcoin whitepaper, which is pure elegance in simplicity.
Or you can skip all that nonsense and skim the headlines below and not click the links I’ve included. Your call. 😒
Skin-in-the-Game Coins
Blockstack & ShapeShift offer $50,000 for a Universal Wallet
Nasdaq is open to becoming cryptocurrency exchange, CEO says
The Future of Crypto Payments in the Retail Market
How Malta Became a Hub of the Cryptocurrency World
Let’s Destroy Bitcoin
Hmmm, not so fast.
Sorry MIT, But You’re Not Taking Down Bitcoin
Fighting words…that’s all for today. Thanks for reading!
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