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Acres and Acres of Tomatoes

Welcome to The Block. I’m Jeremiah Lewis, crypto-enthusiast and early adopter. This is a twice-weekly

The Block

March 14 · Issue #24 · View online
Weekly curated #cryptocurrency news and commentary.

Welcome to The Block. I’m Jeremiah Lewis, crypto-enthusiast and early adopter. This is a twice-weekly email digest comprising one or two short topical essays followed by a manageable collection of curated links.
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Source: Coindoo
Source: Coindoo
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Here’s some food for thought:
FarmVille had 83,760,000 monthly active users and _not a single one_ was subjected to KYC/AML to exchange fiat for FarmBucks or FarmCash. Why not? What happened to that money? Why weren't FinCEN or SEC all over that game as they are on ICOs? No one can explain this adequately.
A few weeks ago I wrote about the tax implications for crypto under the new tax bill. This is and will be an ongoing concern for anyone actively trading in crypto, and with tax season well in swing, I want to keep you informed of news and innovations in this sector. To wit, Coinbase has released some new tax tools, which you may find useful (especially if you’ve only used Coinbase to do your buying and selling). I’ll be checking them out in the next couple weeks, but if you get a chance to use them before that and want to share your thoughts, please do!
Links of Note
‘Cryptomatoes’ Grows 5 Acres Of Fruit From Bitcoin Mining
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JP Morgan's Amber Baldet On What Enterprise Wants from Ethereum
Tips for crypto newcomers
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Infographic: Comparing the 25 Most Notable Cryptocurrencies
The World Is Waking Up to What Blockchain Is Doing to Money
Germany Won't Tax You for Buying a Cup of Coffee With Bitcoin
Monument to Bitcoin Erected in Center of Slovenian Roundabout
Does blockchain offer hype or hope?
Google bans bitcoin adverts in cryptocurrency crackdown
Bitcoin Facts You Should Know
Bitcoin's Anarchy is a Feature, Not A Bug
Contrary Views
Uh oh: Blockchain may not be as secure as we thought
How Bitcoin Ends
Bitcoin not the answer to a cashless society
Chasing fake volume: a crypto-plague
And finally, saw this and couldn’t resist adding it to the newsletter, because it’s so perfect, even if I disagree with it.
Wrap Up
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