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Jen Hernandez Art - Issue #3: Fall Classes, Videos + Art Kits

Jen Hernandez Art
What a whirlwind! Summer 2021 has been a wild ride; this summer, I went 100% totally independent and self-employed. It’s been a year in the making, and going all in with my new business has been the biggest step. I’ve been incredibly lucky with the support I’ve recevied from friends and family, for which I’m so grateful. Thank you <3
Being an independent teaching artist + freelance illustrator and designer has been a realization of a dream that I couldn’t even begin to describe 2 years ago. I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned along the way so far, and to see where this all leads to eventually.
The summer was also full of camps, events, and community! Read on for some of my favorite moments and updates for what’s coming this fall!

"What I did this Summer" by Jen Hernandez
Had an amazing time with kids 5 - 15 in camps online and in-person with comics writing, storycrafting, and monster making!
Haulie, the rare Holerin’ Crane made a special appearance at the Up Up Up! circus performance in Corvallis this summer. She may be a little worse for wear.
  • I looked up my name in Instagram and followed a bunch of people, several of whom I was thrilled to see are also artists!!
  • Backpacking trips - despite 2 sprained ankles this year, I got to do a few hiking and climbing trips including Rogue River trail, the Wallowas (amazing), and Trillium Lake!
Community Events:
My 2nd year being part of Arts Alive! with The Arts Center, I was super excited to put together Little Paintings with Big Messages.
I spent a week putting together art kits for Fiesta Cultural/ Lane Arts Council First Friday Artwalk in September. Check out my tips video here!
Fall Classes
Fall classes are starting soon! Check out these adult creativity classes offered through Linn-Benton Community College and Oregon Coast Community College:
Oregon Coast Community College
Private and Group Classes
I’ve refined my private and group class offerings to help families and team connect with creativity. Check out the tiers and details at
Art Projects
I’m currently working on a series of coloring pages, the latest of which I previewed in my Livestream for the Corvallis Arts Walk in September.
Ms. Monstera (2021) ink illustration
Ms. Monstera (2021) ink illustration
Home studio/ office in the darkest corner of the living room I could find!
Home studio/ office in the darkest corner of the living room I could find!
Inktober 2021
I’ve made a deal with myself that I can buy a really cool nice technical pen with a metal nib IF I complete Inktober this year. That’s 31 days of ink illustrations, one illustration per day.
Creative Community
I’m so proud to be part of a creative community of different artists and groups here in my little home town.
Corvallis Arts Walk - a monthly art event showcasing the work of local artists and galleries in Corvallis, OR. With a new website and cohort of artists, we’re working on offering arts experiences every month virtually and in-person with special attention to keeping folks safe and healthy!
Mt Caz - I love being part of this renegade artist community. Together, we’ve visited an inter-galactic DMV, parented a huge crane puppet, and worked and created in solidarity.
Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center - I’m a board member of this local organization that supports international community members connect with each other, practice English language skills, and work through the path to US citizenship. Watch out for CMLC’s winter fundraiser series to find out ways you can support their important work!
The Arts Center Art for the Heart - The Arts Center is the place where I found other artists and tapped into the local arts community, for which I am forever grateful. Their annual fundraiser is coming up October 9, featuring a virtual gala of the classiest kind.
LBCC Welcome Day Fair - I’ll be helping out with Welcome Day at Linn-Benton Community College to highlight Community education! There will be a chance to win prizes and a trivia wheel to spin! If you’ll be a new LBCC student this year, definitely come check it out!
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Jen Hernandez Art

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