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#11 | The Power of Creating

The media environment evolves quickly and Marketers need to know which platforms they should invest in. So we analyze and we speculate: Which platforms are alive and which ones are dead?


#10 | Let's all learn a little more

Writing short, clear and appealing content might be one of the hardest skills to master. But we all know how important it is for Marketers to write well: The better we write, the clearer we communicate, the better we inform, persuade, and connect with consume…


Trend — How a rock went viral on Twitter

On January 4th, cheye shared an old fragment that shows two Sesame Street muppets — Elmo and Zoe — arguing about a rock.


#8 | Are you starting 2022 with a clean, dirty or doubtful slate?

January 1st — The start of a year of new beginnings. You’ve closed off 2021. NOW it’s the time to shine. Right?


#7 |It’s time for a break.

2021 has been another long year full of unprecedented events. For some, maybe a year to forget. While it’s important to look forward, you shouldn’t forget looking at all the things you’ve accomplished in 2021.Twitter friend Sam shared a great Notion template …


#6 | Marketing isn't about perfection. It's about progress, timing and relevance.

Don't strive for perfection. Because perfection prevents us from making actual progress. Many of us want to be perfect. And so do I. Too often, I want to master skills from the very beginning, create flawless content, I want to achieve things quickly. And tha…


#5 | Market, promote, and take care of yourself first

Ugh. I know that feeling!😩 What about you? So here’s the thing. I always know how to help people when they have Marketing-related problems. But I just don’t know how to market myself. I always question: “Who am I even? How do other people perceive me? What is…


#4 | Can I make this go viral?

I absolutely loved this Tweet from friend Amanda Natividad: She highlighted 22 wonderful Twitter creators in a thread:


#3 | We’re more emotional than we think we are

We’re more emotional than we think we are. In fact, our emotions overshadow our own logic. Most of our decisions aren’t even logical: They’re influenced by unconscious underlying processes, like stimuli, emotions and attitudes. Our unconscious mind makes us b…


#2 | Marketing Magicians, Rip-Off Wendy's, and a Healthy Mind

Marketers are like magicians. It's not like we're social media wizards who make everything go viral. It's more that non-Marketers find it difficult to understand what we are doing:What are Social Media Marketers doing?Why is it taking them so much time to cre…


#1 | Lurkers, Christmas and Newsletters

90% of internet users are lurkers. As content creators, we don't know what lurkers do, because they don't show themselves: They don't like or respond to our content. So do lurkers even like our content at all?Yes they do! But they just don't tell us. Earlier …