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#5 | Market, promote, and take care of yourself first

Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma
Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma
Happy Friday everyone!
Let’s talk about you: You’ve accomplished a lot this year: Your efforts brought your employer’s or client’s business to the next level. You’ve solved other people’s problems. You’ve supported your friends. You made people feel happy and welcome.
But did you take enough care of yourself this year? Did you promote yourself enough? Do you know how to Market yourself?
It’s time to focus on yourself more!  
Enjoy reading! 

Tweet: Learn how to Market yourself
Marketing yourself can be the hardest strategy to develop of any.
Ugh. I know that feeling!😩 What about you?
So here’s the thing. I always know how to help people when they have Marketing-related problems. But I just don’t know how to market myself.
I always question: “Who am I even? How do other people perceive me? What is my purpose?” I don’t always have these answers. But sometimes it helps to do some “customer research”: Ask your friends!
  1. Ask your friends how they perceive you: Who are you as a person? What are your strengths and qualities?
  2. Take notes when someone gives compliments or gives you advice.
  3. Experiment: When I create content, I look at what resonates with both me and my audience. 
Trend: Take s
This sports Social Media team did something more Marketers should do: They’re taking a break from social media. 
The Philadelphia Eagles have a bye-week, so there’s no game for them this weekend. Their social media team are taking a bye-week too: On December 8th, @Eagles announced they will be inactive until Monday December 13th.
It’s a rare but brave decision. Normally, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB social media teams publish content every day. Even when the team isn’t playing. Fans expect updates all the time.
But at the same time, we shouldn’t forget how tiring the job of a sports team social media manager can be: You have to be online 24/7, create and publish a lot of content, travel across the U.S., and deal with negativity on social media. The job is fun, but can be time-consuming and exhausting as well.
And we should always prioritize our physical and mental health first. Especially if we want to keep creating great content for our fans.
“But won’t your audience leave you when you’re not updating them?” No, your most loyal fans will stay:
Dakota Snow ☃❄🎄
@brianne2k A3: Some of your audience may leave, but at the end of the day, your mental health & personal well being is more important than a follower base.

If you're not in a good place mentally, your content will likely not be as good.

Sound mind helps great content come out.
Enjoy your well-deserved break, @Eagles! 
Thread: Start promoting yourself
“Is self-promotion spam?‘
No. Then why are we scared to promote ourselves? We’re afraid to take the stage because we’re scared that we’re stealing other people’s spotlights too often.
But promoting yourself isn’t bad at all. Especially when you:
  1. Stop assuming that self-promotion is bad
  2. Reframe your content: You aren’t publishing content only to promote yourself, but also because because you think your content can help others
  3. You can promote other people while promoting yourself.
So let’s promote @brianne2k while I share one of my earlier threads! Last August, she hosted a #BrandJam, where she taught us how to promote ourselves with pride.
Click on the Tweet below to read my notes on Brianne’s #BrandJam!
Jelle Postma
How to self-promote succesfully?

Here are my notes on @brianne2k’s #BrandJam
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Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma
Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma @JelleTells

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