#4 | Can I make this go viral?





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Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma
Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma
Every Marketer hates the phrase “Can you make this go viral?” It’s because we know we can’t. We have little to no influence on whether our campaigns succeed or not. It’s that simple:
Keep in mind: Going viral isn’t a likelihood. Often, it’s just luck. But there are ways to increase the chance of virality (from like 1% to 3%)
  • Make your content short, simple and accessible to everyone
  • Make your content relevant
  • Make it easy for your audience to share and engage with your content
  • Deliver value consistently
  • If something goes viral, try to analyze why. And double down on things that worked for you and your followers.
Let’s go Viral! Enjoy reading! 

Tweet: Share the Spotlight
I absolutely loved this Tweet from friend Amanda Natividad: She highlighted 22 wonderful Twitter creators in a thread:
Amanda Natividad
Twitter has 206 million users.

But 99% of them are following the wrong people.

Here are 21 must-follow accounts who give incredible value for free:
24 hours after publishing, this Tweet got Amanda 1000+ Retweets, 103 Quote Tweets, 5000+ Likes, and 150+ comments. More impressively, the creators tagged by Amanda literally got thousands of new followers in less than 24 hours.
What made this thread so successful?
  1. Clear formatting and easy-to-digest Tweets
  2. Answers a need: People on Twitter want to find new profiles worth following
  3.  It’s shareable!
  4. Compound building: Amanda and all 21 other creators share so much value with their followers and they’re building a strong community on Twitter. The more value you bring, the more likely your followers are to share your content.
Trend: Share your Music Style!
Let’s talk about Spotify Wrapped, a campaign that goes viral every year because of its relevance and shareability!
Spotify’s Wrapped started in December 2016. Users will get a detailed overview of their listening behaviour, music style and favourite songs.
Why is #SpotifyWrapped so successful?
  1. Spotify gives each listener personalized results
  2. You can easily share your results on Social Media: Use Spotify’s built-in share-button to put your #SpottifyWrapped on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (or take a screenshot),
  3. Music is relevant. We love music, and we can have lengthy discussions about albums and artists.
The only thing Spotify needs to do, is give us the tools to start talking about music. And we love talking about music. And that’s why we share #SpotifyWrapped on Social Media. This is how Spotify’s gets free publicity and a lot of engagement each year.
This year, Spotify added a cool feature: An Audio Aura that tells you who you are based on your music preferences.
I have a powerful and peaceful aura. And I got to say, they aren’t wrong!
The audio aura is another thing for people to talk about: They share a screenshot of their audio aura, add the #SpotifyWrapped hashtag, et voilá: More conversations, free publicity and engagement for Spotify!
Is #SpotifyWrapped ever getting boring? No! And Spotify knows that. That’s why they’re doing this every year. They’ve turned a 2016 experiment into an annual event.
Thread: Don't think, just share!
We don’t know what to create because we’re faced with so many choices. This is Analysis Paralysis: We overthink too much and we do nothing.
This thread tells you how to overcome Analysis Paralysis 
Jelle Postma
Content Creators, stop overthinking your choices and start doing.

What is Analysis Paralysis, why do we have it, and how to overcome it?
See you next week!
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Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma
Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma @JelleTells

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