#3 | We’re more emotional than we think we are





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Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Hi there! It’s time for another Tweet, Trend, Thread again!
During Thanksgiving, we tell our friends and family the things we are grateful for. So let me do that, too:
Whether you are a reader, subscriber or a Twitter friend, I want to thank you for your ongoing support. You are the reason why I keep creating and sharing content online, and 2021 has been a year of growth thanks to you.
How did that make you feel? Emotional? Happy? Let’s discover the power of emotions in this week’s Tweet, Trend, Thread! 

Tweet: Create content that emotes us.
We’re more emotional than we think we are. In fact, our emotions overshadow our own logic. Most of our decisions aren’t even logical: They’re influenced by unconscious underlying processes, like stimuli, emotions and attitudes. Our unconscious mind makes us buy, not our conscious mind. 
chi is underneath the 🎄
as a marketer, your approach should always be emotion before logic, if you capture the emotion (eg. nostalgia!) correctly then you don't need big budgets for your message to spread - people will do it for you
Can you recall a decision you made in the past? Was it a rational choice? Or did you tell yourself it was rational?
Let me share a personal example. This week, I bought two candy bars at the train station “because I thought I deserved it.” I had put so much effort into my two job interviews and now it was the time to treat myself.
But why couldn’t I choose for something healthier?
Well, the two candy bars were easy to spot. I walked right into them. They looked appealing, tasty and eating them makes me satisfied. I was on automatic pilot.
I didn’t even ask myself whether going for an unhealthy snack was the right choice (Well, I did, but after having eaten both of them. The answer was: no.)
So unconscious processes like stimuli and emotions trigger action. When we make decisions, we aren’t actively aware of these processes. Marketers should know that. Understand how your consumers behave by learning about their underlying emotions:
  • What problems does your target audience experience and how does that make them feel?
  • How would consumers feel when they buy your product?
  • Which emotion is triggered when consumers read your ad copy? 
If you want to know more about our irrational decision-making behavior, I recommend reading Nudge by Richard H. Thaler and Case R. Sunstein! Forbes also has a great article about How emotions influence your decisions.
Trend: This one is for Pete!
This week, Burger King is in the spotlights! They reintroduced their Italian Chicken Club Sandwich on Twitter, and they gave Pete the opportunity to reveal the news! 
So, who is Pete? Pete Neubacher is a the president of the unofficial Italian Chicken Club Sandwich Club! Unfortunately for Pete, Burger King eighty-sixed the sandwiches years ago. This made Pete upset. So Pete went on Twitter and started asking Burger King for the return of the Italian Chicken Club Sandwich. Multiple times. 
Pete Neubacher
@BurgerKing Time to get the Original Italian Chicken Sandwich???
Pete Neubacher
@BurgerKing I wish you could explain why I’m not eating an Italian Original Chicken Sandwich right now.
His efforts have been rewarded! The Original Italian Chicken Sandwich is back! And who’s the right person to reveal the return of the Italian Chicken Club Sandwich? Right, Pete! 
Burger King interviewed Pete, the president of the Italian Chicken Club Sandwich fan club, and also gave him the opportunity to do a Twitter Takeover on their official account. 
Burger King
Hello my name is Pete and I’m the president and founding member of the Burger King Italian Chicken Sandwich Club
Why do I like this trend? Well, this campaign isn’t necessarily that memorable (like McDonald’s collabs with artists), but it feels refreshing to see a fan take the stage.
We’ve seen brands launch unusual partnerships with popular influencers. These campaigns worked, but we should never forget that your customers are your biggest fans. They are the ones who love your product (like the Italian Chicken Club Sandwich). And sometimes, it’s good to give these fans the spotlight, too. And Burger King did that in a very creative way. 
Thread: Tell emotional stories
Like Chi’s Tweet said: You need to include emotion in your message if you want your audience to do something. And storytelling is a powerful tool to make your audience emotional. But how can you tell a good story?
1. Reverse engineer: If you want to tell stories that move people, analyze the stories that have moved you. Get examples of storytelling you like. Write down how you felt when reading these stories, and write down which words and phrases made you feel happy, inspired, sad, angry, motivated, etc.
2. A good story includes a goal, emotion, hook, theme and dismount
Click on the tweet below to read the entire thread. 
Jelle Postma
On telling powerful stories to your public.

Here are my notes on the Twitter Spaces convo with @Growthcurrency and Performative Speaker @RobbieCrab
Not many events happening this week. Happy Thanksgiving and see you soon! 
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Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma @JelleTells

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