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#2 | Marketing Magicians, Rip-Off Wendy's, and a Healthy Mind

Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Hi there!
I hope you’re having a great week so far! Mine has been eventful, in a very positive way! You might be very busy as well, with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas nearing.
My advice for this week is: Don’t forget to decompress and stay close to yourself!
Enjoy reading!

Tweet: Show them the magic
Marketers are like magicians. It’s not like we’re social media wizards who make everything go viral. It’s more that non-Marketers find it difficult to understand what we are doing:
  • What are Social Media Marketers doing?
  • Why is it taking them so much time to create and post something?
  • What is their purpose of analyzing Social Media statistics and why do (or don’t) specific metrics matter?
  • Why doesn’t my post go viral?
These questions can be quite annoying, but they are understandable at the same time. Sometimes, Non-Marketers really don’t understand what we are doing behind the scenes to make the business flourish online.
And that’s why we have to show them the magic:
In my social media reports, I like to make the social team the hero in the story. Too often people assume social requires no skill and success is luck. So my insights include context, including roadblocks overcome so decision makers don’t take any success for granted 💁🏾‍♀️
Like Adrienne (@AdriSheares) says: Make yourself a hero! Tell your colleagues what you’re doing! Tell them how much effort you’ve put into a piece of content. Show them your research, your pivots, and your experiments. Tell them why your work matters!
Trend: Don’t be a Rip-Off Wendy’s
We all love Wendy’s sassy and snarky roasts on Twitter, right? They bully their competitor McDonald’s, and every year they organize #NationalRoastDay, where they roast as many people as possible
Wendy’s strategy works: They have more than 3 million followers on Twitter. Other brands notice that too. Some of them even adopt Wendy’s snarky identity. Without success.
That’s what Daily Harvest experienced last week. They tried to roast other brands, but they got roasted back and they left a bad online impression.
This week, I wrote about Daily Harvest’s beefs with other brands. You will read about:
  • What Daily Harvest Tweeted and why it backfired
  • Why building a unique brand identity is better than copying others.
  • Tips for defining your own brand
Thread: Don't stress. Decompress.
Don’t forget to check your mental health during these stressful weeks. A few months ago, Chi Thukral (@ChiThukral) spoke with Dr. Emily Anhalt (@dremilyanhalt), a psychoanalytic psychologist.
Here are some things you should keep in mind:
  • Being mentally fit is just as important as being physically fit
  • It is okay to not feel well. Recognize your problems so that you can move forwards.
  • Take enough time to rest.
  • And Marketers, this one’s for you: Take breaks from social media.
Click on the Tweet below to read the entire thread
Jelle Postma
Mental Health is just as important as Physical health.

This is what I discovered in @ChiThukral and @dremilyanhalt’s Space session

Here are my notes:
Thank you for reading my second issue of Tweet, Trend, Thread! Now, let me share with you some events I am looking forward to:
  • Thursday is for the Copywriters! Kate Bradley Chernis (@LatelyAIKately), Co-Founder and CEO of Lately AI, tells us the rules and tricks every Copywriter should know. AMA Boston – Thursday November 18 – 6 PM EST/3 PM PST – Sign up for free
Have a great second half of the week and see you soon! 
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Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma @JelleTells

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