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#12: Marketing goes beyond selling your product

Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma
Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma
Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re having an amazing week.
The more I learn about Marketing, the more I realize that it’s much more complex than just positioning your product or service. You have to keep track of many things, such as:
  • Making sure your product adds value to other people’s lives
  • Making sure your content resonates with your audience
  • Making sure your target audience understands your message
Let’s get right into it!

Tweet: Why copywriting is expensive
Jasmine | Copy + Content Strategy
If anybody wonders why copywriting costs so much, it just took me 45 minutes to write one sentence. 🙃
Many tend to forget that creating content and writing copy is harder than it seems. Writing this newsletter alone takes me 2 to 3 hours (And the time for research, ideation and brainstorming is not included). 
Copywriting involves much more than writing down a few sentences. You have to:
  • Research your target audience: their needs, behaviours and interests
  • Research your competitors: What words do they use, what works for them
  • Research your own brand: Who do I want to be known for?
  • Find words that make sense
  • Find words that trigger emotions
  • Find words that encourage action
  • Brainstorm
  • Draft your copy
  • Delete your draft because you hate it
  • Draft more copy
  • Remove words in order to decrease the length and complexity of your sentence and message Make things simple
  • And much more.
So yes, hiring a copywriter or content creator can be quite expensive, because it takes us a lot of time (and mental effort) to write copy that converts and content that inspires
And to all Marketers, Copywriters, and Content creators: know your worth!
Trend: Sell memorable moments, not flights
Today, Twitter friend Tom Davies shared an two interesting ads from Virgin Atlantic. Both ads show what effective advertising is about: Sell the experience, not just the product. 
Virgin Atlantic could’ve shown us a picture of their planes, or their cabin crew serving food and drinks to their passengers. But they didn’t. They know that going on a holiday isn’t just about flying from A to B. Instead, it’s about all the experiences that make your vacation exciting, special and memorable.
Ages ago, we hunted for (and bought) goods because we needed them: We needed food to still our hunger, water to quench our thirst, and clothes to protect us. Nowadays, we buy products and services for reasons that go beyond our basic needs.
And that’s something Marketers should keep in mind. We don’t just buy something because of interesting product specifications. We also look at how a product or service can bring us solutions, answers, experiences, memories, joy, ease, happiness, and much more.
So when you position your product or service on the market, ask yourself this: “What more can my product add to the lives of my target audience?” Because again, a flight doesn’t just bring you from A to B, it brings you to places where you meet new people and collect great memories. 
Thread: Creators run the world
The Creator Economy is booming. In the past years, a growing amount of brands started collaborating with celebrities, influencers, and freelance content creators.
And creators have the power: Their content is more authentic, relevant to, and resonant with audiences than content created by corporate brands.
But many creators don’t realize how much power they have…A few weeks ago, Jayde Powell told us all the things content creators should know in order to lead a successful and sustainable career:
  • Know how to price yourself: Know your worth and talk with other creators to get a sense of good rates
  • Start basic: Raise the bar once you get experienced
  • Set boundaries: Don’t let colleagues or partners take advantage of you
I made notes of the entire conversation between Jayde and Chi Thukral. Click on the tweet to unfold the thread:
Jelle Postma
In December, @jaydeipowell quit as Social Media Marketer to become a full-time creator.

Today, she taught us a few things: Let’s set boundaries, follow our happiness, and be transparent.

Here are her thoughts on Social Media & The Creator Economy.
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Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma
Tweet, Trend, Thread | Jelle Postma @JelleTells

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