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#11 | The Power of Creating

Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Hi there, I hope you’re having an amazing week!
Sometimes, I feel like I underestimate the power of creating content. My imposter syndrome regularly tells me that writing blogs, newsletters and Tweets doesn’t bring me anything.
Do you experience this feeling too?
But then I realize the following:
  • I’ve grown my Twitter audience from 0 to 1600+ in less than a year
  • My personal website is doing better than ever
  • I’ve built so many great relationships and opportunities
Creating content can truly be powerful. If you’re adding value to others, you’re adding value to yourself too
Enjoy reading!

Tweet - Should we stop creating organic content?
The media environment evolves quickly and Marketers need to know which platforms they should invest in. So we analyze and we speculate: Which platforms are alive and which ones are dead? 
just got an email from a marketing industry thought leader saying that organic reach (on social) is "literally dead."

what do you guys think? is organic reach on social media dead?
Last week, friend Chantelle got an email from a thought leader. He said that Organic Social was dead. A hot take, but is it true? Can a media platform be considered dead? 
Nowadays, it takes high effort to see Organic Social Media posts take off. Ten years ago, it was much easier to reach new customers. You simply had to hit the ‘Send Post’-button. 
But the environment has changed. In 2012:
  • Most brands didn’t see the benefits of Social yet
  • We didn’t even know what an influencer was
  • We didn’t invest a lot of money in Facebook and Google ads
In 2022: 
  • Almost every brand is on Social Media
  • There are millions of influencers worldwide
  • Facebook and Instagram timelines display one ad after every three organic posts
In just ten years, the amount of Social Media users, brands, advertisers and influencers has exponentially grown. There is a lot of noise, so it’s more difficult to stand out from the crowd.
But organic social media can still be a cost-effective strategy if you do it right: 
  • Don’t post for the sake of posting and attracting eyeballs. This worked in 2012, not in 2022.
  • You posts should add value to your audience
  • You should build relationships with customers on Social Media 
In one of my most recent articles, I explained why media platforms aren’t dead, but rather evolving
Trend – Create your dreams on Twitter
Have you ever heard of ‘manifestation?’ When you manifest something, you make dreams come true by truly believing in your dreams.
And on Twitter, you can see the dreams of yours and others come true. 
if you can dream it, Tweet it

📍 New York, NY
This week, Twitter launched a new campaign: “if you can dream it, Tweet it.” A unique piece of storytelling…
Twitter has set up billboards in the U.S. and Canada. On each billboard, you can see two things: 
1) 10 year old Tweets posted by celebrities who dreamt of achieving something:
  • In 2013, Patrick Mahomes Tweeted he dreamt of winning the Super Bowl
  • In 2010, Demi Lovato said she’s going to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl someday
  • In 2010, Niall Horan Tweeted he applied for X-Factor. He hoped everything works out
2) Pictures of celebrities living their dreams
  • A picture of Mahomes winning the Super Bowl in 2020
  • A picture of Demi Lovato singing at the Super Bowl in 2020
  • A picture of Niall Horan performing as solo artist, after being part of the successful One Direction boyband 
Such a unique way of showing Before-After pictues!
Obviously, all these celebrities didn’t see their dreams come true by just being on Twitter. But with this campaign, Twitter shows you that anything can happen if you believe in your dreams.
And when you share your dreams on Twitter, you are not only creating opportunities for yourself, but you are also inspiring others to follow their dreams. 
Thread – Create your portfolio
Your portfolio is a great way to showcase your experience, projects and interests. Future employers and clients can already get a good understanding of who you are and what you can do by simply reviewing your portfolio.
So why haven’t you built one yet? I know…It’s time-consuming right? And what do you even put in your portfolio?
Last Monday, Christine Johnson shared all the dos and donts of building your online portfolio. You can listen to the conversation between her end Brianne by clicking on the Tweet below
In 2021, Christine shared an extensive and insightful thread of everything you should include in your Marketing portfolio to make it stand out 
Christine Johnson ✨
Here are 9 things you should include in your marketing portfolio... 🧵
Keep creating
Don’t forget: When you create content, you’re not only giving value to others, but you’re creating opportunities for yourself too. So keep creating!
See you next week! 
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Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma @JelleTells

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