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#10 | Let's all learn a little more

Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Hi there! I hope you’re having a great week!
Do you know what the most successful and inspiring marketers have in common?
  1. They all used to be young and unexperienced too
  2. They learnt from Marketers they were inspired by.
  3. They all experimented and tried out new things
Let’s talk about learning! As Marketers, we can never sit still. We have to be on top of the latest tactics and trends. And the most experienced marketers had and have to do that too: They have been studying the field and improving their skills for years.
So do you want to become one of the best? Then it’s time to learn from the best.
Enjoy reading!

Tweet - The best creators consume
Writing short, clear and appealing content might be one of the hardest skills to master. But we all know how important it is for Marketers to write well: The better we write, the clearer we communicate, the better we inform, persuade, and connect with consumers.
But to become a clear communicator, you first have to improve your writing. And if you want to learn how to write well, you have to learn what good writing is
Kaleigh Moore
Three things you can easily do to improve your writing skills:

1. Read (every single day)
2. Keep a swipe file of great writing
3. Reverse engineer pieces that achieve virality to pick apart what works about them
Kaleigh Moore (@kaleighf) has mastered the art of writing clear and concise content. Last week, she hosted a Twitter Space, where she shared tips on how to improve your writing.
And this was my key takeaway: In order to write better, you need to consume, collect, and analyze. 
  1. Read every single day — This is so important. If you want to write well-formulated sentences, you should know how well-formulated sentences look like. If you want to drive content that plays with other people’s emotions, you have to understand which words evoke emotions like anger, nostalgia, sadness and happiness. 
  2. Swipe file — If you come across a great piece of writing: write it down and save it. If, at any point, you’re looking for inspiration for your own content: Open your swipe file and read through your saved sentences
  3. Reverse-engineer — If you want to create good content, you need to analyze well-performing content made by popular creators in your niche. Ask yourself: “Why do people like their content? What words do they use? How do they structure their sentences, and format their articles?”
Then, start applying the things you’ve learned from other creators to your own content.
Trend — The secret behind McDonald's Tweets
2021 was an amazing year for McDonald’s social media team. They launched brand partnerships with artists like BTS, Saweetie and Mariah Carey. They also grew their Twitter profile to 4+ million followers. On top of that, McDonald’s got a Twitter award for the best brand presence on Twitter.
What is the story behind McDonald’s brand presence? Why are they vocal sometimes and silent at other times? Why does McDonald’s find Community Management important?
Twitter had a talk with Guillaume Huin, head of Social Media for McDonald’s. He shared his insights on Community Management, the brand of McDonald’s, and McDonald’s most successful Tweets.
Click on the Tweet below to unfold the thread
Twitter Marketing
How did @McDonalds win its #BestOfTweets crown? Here’s the secret sauce. 🧵

Hey @HuinGuillaume, why is community management on Twitter so important for @McDonalds?
Thread - Sources to learn from
If you want to learn more about Marketing, Creativity, and Branding, you shouldn’t miss out on the free valuable sources the internet offers.
Last Sunday, I wrote a thread of my most favourite Twitter Chats, Spaces, podcasts and webinars. Click on the Tweet below to unfold the thread
Jelle Postma
Do you want to learn more about Marketing, Creativity and Branding in 2022?

Don't miss out on podcasts, Twitter Spaces, chats and webinars. You'll get value for free.

Here are my favourites. Add yours in the comments!👇
People seemed to like my suggestions, and shared many great sources with me too. So I decided to create a Must-Follow Marketing-page: a page where you can easily navigate to #MarketingTwitter’s most favourite podcasts, chats, spaces and webinars!
Lessons Learned
The most experienced Marketers are the ones who’ve learned a lot —and who are still learning. So let’s stay curious, keep learning from the best, and continue experimenting!
By the way, can you tell me your favourite Marketing podcasts, webinars, Twitter Chats and Social Audio Rooms? I’d love to add them to the Must-Follow Marketing Page!
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Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma
Things That Taught Me | Jelle Postma @JelleTells

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