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UxPowerUp is now the DesignUp Newsletter.At it's heart, like the conference, it's all about sharing,

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June 11 · Issue #44 · View online
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UxPowerUp is now the DesignUp Newsletter.
At it’s heart, like the conference, it’s all about sharing, learning, up-skilling and powering-up with those little designerly insights that make a difference. Be it a conference, a link, a talk, a tip or a meetup. So in many ways, the newsletter is the same (though suggestions for change are always welcome).
And, occasionally, it will also bring you news and updates from the @DesignUpConf as well as other events, meetups and conferences.
This week’s interestingness: Killer cameras, blank states, painful facts-of-life and more… 

Your Camera Wants to Kill the Keyboard
8 Blank State Examples You Can Use to Improve User Experience During Onboarding
32 Painfully True Facts About Everyday Life
Painful truths about salary...
6 major tech companies have doubled their design hiring goals in last half decade
Why you don’t need design like Apple
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