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πŸ’₯ Design & Ux tips, insights, interestingness, actionables, inspiring talks, events, reads, videos & much more πŸ–– Now, curated by @soosixty & @jdallcaps

πŸ’₯ Design & Ux tips, insights, interestingness, actionables, inspiring talks, events, reads, videos & much more πŸ–– Now, curated by @soosixty & @jdallcaps

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DesignUp πŸ₯ Issue #138 > WrapUp & relive, defaults & duplicates, full & empty, heart warming & global warming...

If you were part of the high energy DesignUp 2022 - it's time to relive that! If you were not, catch a glimpse of what made the reload that extra special


DesignUp πŸŽ‰ Issue #137 > 6 years of DesignUp, The OpenToWork List & All Things Design+ better meetings, job seekers and portfolios, eye candy...

A lot of our partners/sponsors are often hiring and we socialise this list with key decision makers and hiring managers. If you (or someone you know) has been affected by the recent layoffs and are looking for a new job, we'll help you reach out to companies …


DesignUp πŸ“£ Issue #136 > Secrets of Communicating Competence, Frameworks for motivation, The future of video search + More

Have you ever seen a person walk into a room, start speaking - and everyone just listens, enthralled? Ever wondered what's their secret? Learn the 'Secrets to Communicating Competence' with TV presenter, moderator, actor and seasoned media professional, Sures…


DesignUp πŸŽ›οΈ Issue #135 > Constraints in Design, how engineers use constraints, AI and language, Black Gobi & more!

Acceptance of limitations, as a framework rather than as a hindrance, is always proof of a productive mind.Anni Albers


DesignUp πŸ’ Issue #134 > WrapUp of DUp22, Threads, Learning and 3 New Programs at DUpSchool

For those of you who missed it (or want to relive it), here's a great Twitter thread by Rasagy Sharma (with sketchnotes!) for both Day 1 and Day 2:


DesignUp πŸ₯ Issue #133 > 11 days to go ⏳ Speaker spotlights, Ladakhi textiles, Polish posters and Japanese graphic design

Kriti Monga, visual artist, creative strategist, graphic designer, illustrator and design educator, has a passion for all things type and hand-crafted. She is the founder and director of Turmeric Design and also teaches regularly at design schools and indepen…


DesignUp ⏰ - Issue #132, Speaker spotlights, PreConf Meetups, Growth toolkits and more!

An insightful talk from DUp'18, Yonatan Levy talked about how we get our best ideas with our backs against the wall. "Remember, uncertainty is creativity, it's not an obstacle"


DesignUp ⏳ Issue #131 - Registrations open for DesignUp'22, speaker spotlight, your design toolkit, delightful eye candy and more!

Reloading the inspiring talks that made us reflect on Design and its unintended consequences. Relive 'Beyond the Screen' by Alysha Naples at DUp'17.


DesignUp 🏁 - Issue #130 - Call for DesignUp'22 Lightning Talks is open! Link inside!

🌿 Stay healthy and stay inspired,@soosixty & @jdallcaps


DesignUp πŸš€ Issue #129 > Will DesignUp be back in the real world?

The questions we're getting is about "When?" Not "If" or "Is it...?"Heartwarming to note that you lovely folks have taken it for granted that DesignUp will surely be back. It's simply a question of when. That's super reassuring πŸ™ Confidence-boosting! So here …


DesignUp πŸ’ͺ Issue #128 > Crafting career, creating opportunities, helping your team through burnout!

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to be involved in and execute, but it never quite happened for you? Instead of asking for permission or waiting for opportunities to magically unfold before us, Kristy Tillman (Design Director for Society of Grownups,…


DesignUp 🧚 Issue #127 > Sagmeister & Beautiful numbers , Browser Wars, #DesignUpForACause, Cricket, DAO's, Design & AI + more

Jay reflects on the recent layoffs in the Indian startups and the story by The Ken and shares 7 takeaways that helped him:


DesignUp πŸ¦‹ Issue #126 > Reviving Wonder, Little Inventors, UXR Maturity, Megaverbs, Subconscious Drool +more!

β€œInvention and creativity is like a muscle, and if you stop using it… you lose it in a way. And that’s the thing about creativityβ€”that’s why it’s so important to encourage children to be creative, and then to get through to adulthood where they can really do …


DesignUp πŸ₯€ Issue #125 > Designing a design career, global changemakers, chores apps and (mac)OStalgia

πŸ₯€ Stay inspired and stay hydrated,@soosixty & @jdallcaps


DesignUp β˜„οΈ Issue #124 > Probable futures, Redesigning Design depts, What do to with yourself, and Delete after death

Stay cool and stay inspired, @jdallcaps and @soosixty


DesignUp 🌏 Issue #123 > DALL-E, Elon Musk's Twitter UX, Mondrian Walk, and more awesome goodness

The second UpSide meetup is on May 1st, and we have a special guest too! RSVP here to join.


DesignUp 🎈 Issue #122 > 🌻 Summer potpourri, SXSW22 update, Metaverse book recco & more!

This month's very topical book recommendation Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson comes from Shiva Viswanathan, Design strategist and entrepreneur - Without knowing anything about Cyberpunk or Post-cyberpunk fiction I read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson in 1992. The…


DesignUp πŸ” Issue #121 > The Mega Side Projects Issue + UpSide the meetup

A few young designers from the community also sent us their side projects. We'll be sharing one project each over the next few weeks.


DesignUp 🎨 Issue #120 > Holi-moly - the whimsical, crazy colours issue

🌿Happy Monday! Stay strong and stay inspired,@soosixty & @jdallcaps


DesignUp 🍏 Issue #119 > At-Home Covid tests, Your influence toolkit, Emoji City & more

🌿Stay strong and stay inspired,@soosixty & @jdallcaps