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Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community - 2021.12.31

Jay Gordon - @jaydestro
Jay Gordon - @jaydestro
The top stories from the #AzureDevOps #community for 2021.12.31 are here!
Welcome back! I am Jay Gordon and every week I try to bring you the latest updates from around the DevOps on Azure community. If you have a post you’d like to have me include, I am always listening. You can reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn and I will be sure to share your latest post with the community. Also, be sure to tag your posts with #AzureDevOps!
I hope you’ve had a great holiday season so far. I have been off the last two weeks but I wanted to make sure I was able to finish the year strong with another one of these roundups from the community. We’re right at the end of 2021 and there’s a lot of great memories from the year. Of course, we’ve had a few things that we’d all like to forget. Regardless, we’re all here and ready for 2022 to bring new joy, success, and happiness. I just wanted to extend my gratitude to everyone who has taken part in the DevOps on Azure community this year. Your blog posts, tutorials, code samples, and thoughts have helped others grow and succeed. Here’s to even more great stuff in 2022.
Posts from the DevOps on Azure Community
There are only minutes left in this year, so let’s end it with the great posts you’ve all shared this week. This week we’ve got great stuff to share about Azure DevOps Pipelines, DataOps, Azure Front Door, Terraform and more! Let’s get into the latest batch of posts.
Aidan Finn helps you secure your deployments by deploying Azure Firewall with Azure DevOps.
John Kerski continues his series on DataOps with Power BI
Another excellent post by Martin Therkelsen, this time he covers deploying .NET 6 apps with Azure DevOps.
Panu Oksala looks at caching with Azure Front door and how to create an Azure Pipeline to purge objects that have changed.
Jack Roper shares some best practices when creating code for your Terraform deployments.
Niels Kok‘s post covers how to build your packer images in an Azure DevOps pipeline.
Kevin Chant shares one last post for 2021, this time talking version control for your SQL Server Management Studio templates.
Wesley Camargo helps you build your YAML Azure DevOps Pipeline in this great post.
Microsoft Posts, Community Events, and Updates
Friday, January 7, 2022, 11:30 PM ET. Join Shivam Sharma on deploying apps with GitHub Actions at this online meetup.
Mobile DevOps (Virtual)
Tuesday, January 11, 2022 6:00 AM ET - Ali hosts this virtual session on how Microsoft runs Mobile DevOps for app deployments.
Thursday, January 6, 2022 1:00 PM ET - Gwyneth and Sonia will teach you about deploying a full stack e-commerce application with ARM templates and step through how to piece the template together.
Thank you to all this week’s contributors! We appreciate the posts by Aidan, John. Martin, Panu, Jack, Niels, Kevin, and Wesley!
If you’ve written an article about Azure DevOps or find some great content about DevOps on Azure, please share it with the #AzureDevOps hashtag on Twitter!
Happy Friday, may your deploys go as planned and your weekend be fun! Have a wonderful New Year! See you in 2022!

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Jay Gordon - @jaydestro
Jay Gordon - @jaydestro @jaydestro

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