The Denton Dispatch

By Jay Denton

We are so thankful for those that pray, give and encourage our ministry. We will keep you up-to-date on ministry and life, share great resources we come across and give you ways to pray for us!

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Pray for our seniors who graduated last weekend.Pray for our students who are back at home as they work jobs, re-engage with family, and settle back into life and home.Pray for our students in Boise. We will be meeting this summer on Tuesday Nights doing a st…


Pictures + Praying for 2021!

Our staff met before Christmas break to outline plans...and contingencies...and more contingencies for the spring semester here at BSU. While Boise State will be partially in-person, there are school guidelines, city guidelines, and a desire to minister to st…


Denton Top 10 for 2020

A quick note before we jump into the Denton 2020 Top Ten:In a crazy year, God continues to show his faithfulness to us as we minister with RUF at Boise State. So many of you have given and because of you, we are only $7,500 from meeting our budget for the yea…


An Advent Message for You

Happy Advent and Merry Christmas to you from the Dentons!During this season, we are faced with expectation and disappointment. We feel the hope of Christmas (and the upcoming new year) but we are also all too aware of our hopes not being met. Revelation chapt…


Great Resource(s) for Today!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! Last year we gathered inside with a couple of families from our church for our Thanksgiving meal. It was a special time - certainly as we look back over the events of this past year. For our prayer together in 2019, we used a l…


A Hard and Good Semester

School started up August 24th this year and one week before the semester we were still getting updates on what we were able to do, how classes and campus would function, and which students would be coming back to Boise. We were simultaneously trying to trust …


First Year at BSU...Starting Year 6 in RUF!

We are less without you!Jay, Bet, Laine, Remy and Breck Denton


Video: Nothing. Has. Changed.

The inaugural RUF West Coast Conference was simply greater than we could have hoped for. As RUF continues to grow westward, God is building a beautiful identify here on the West Coast. The west is culturally diverse, very different from the Bible Belt, and re…


Praying for 2020!

1. West Coast Winter ConferenceFrom January 1-5 RUFs from Idaho, Washington, California, Arizona, West Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado will join together for the FIRST EVER West Coast Conference. It will be a week of worship, seminars on various practical and…


Top 5 Prayer Resources for 2020

As we consider the new year, I wanted to reach out and share 5 resources for praying! Some are new to me and others I come back to time and time again. If you have any questions about them, feel free to email (, text, or call (919-561-1955)…


Video: A 30 Second Thank You!

We are less without you!Jay, Bet, Laine, Remy, and Breck


Is it Worth It?

We visited Boise to learn more about RUF here and see if God might be calling us to come here and serve. It was a great trip and we were able to clearly see that God was calling us.


Pictures of God's Grace

1.Pray for our Leadership Team. We meet twice a month to plan, pray, and study what it looks like to do gospel ministry. Next week we will be starting the book Caring for One Another by Ed Welch of CCEF. Learn more about the book here:


A Gift to You + an Ask!

While it might not be the most exciting gift you've received in your lifetime, we also realize that campus ministry can seem SO FAR away from your normal life. Some of you live here in Boise, but most of you don't! So we are recording our Large Group teaching…


RUF: In the Middle of It!!!

First Large Group is Tonight! Every Tuesday night at 8pm we gather in the Student Union Building on campus at Boise State. Students help us by doing announcements, helping to lead singing, and praying. I teach from the Bible each week. This semester we are st…


RUF at Boise State - The First Summer

How is Boise? What's Happening this Summer with RUF?Five Things the Dentons are Enjoying this SummerWays to Pray for Us RIGHT NOW!How to Give to RUF at Boise State


The Denton Dispatch - Issue #12

For a safe trip for Jay and Brandon (they're camping along the way and just purchased something called bear spray for their stay in Grand Teton National Park tonight...😳)For smooth travel and flights Sunday nightFor the details of closing on our new home in B…


God is at Work this Spring!

Getting to work alongside interns is one of my greatest joys in RUF ministry. Its my job to serve as their pastor, boss and friend. Here are RUF at UNCW, we have been so blessed to have the best interns in the country. How can you pray for them?Nathan - He is…


Prayers and BIG NEWS!

This is our 4th year in Wilmington and we've been so humbled to see RUF at UNCW thrive here. Our students are doing the work of ministry - this RUF has been established and the Lord is at work. The Lord will continue to build on the foundation he so graciousl…


Praying for 2019 - The Denton Dispatch - Issue #9

The day before classes in the spring we get some dessert and some coffee and we invite our students to invite others to a social. We spend most of the time just hanging out, but towards the middle of the event, I get up and share about what RUF is and how stu…