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The Denton Dispatch - Issue #12

The Denton Dispatch
The Denton Dispatch - Issue #12
By Jay Denton • Issue #12 • View online
Jay is…somewhere in Wyoming, on an epic* cross-country road trip, along with our friend Brandon and 2 dogs, that’s scheduled to end in Boise on Sunday! (*is a road trip in a mini van still epic? you be the judge..)
So, it’s Bet here with an update. 😊 We are so thankful and excited that today, Jay’s first official day as the RUF Campus Minister at Boise State, he’s so close to actually being there! The girls, my mom, and I will be hopping on a plane to join him Sunday night. (Even Jay’s boundless optimism couldn’t fathom anything good coming from 36 driving hours with this crew!)

Been tracking Jay's progress with the Find Friends app!
Been tracking Jay's progress with the Find Friends app!
maybe...Nebraska? Iowa? I'm losing track!
maybe...Nebraska? Iowa? I'm losing track!
Camping in Wyoming last night
Camping in Wyoming last night
How to Pray this Week
  • For a safe trip for Jay and Brandon (they’re camping along the way and just purchased something called bear spray for their stay in Grand Teton National Park tonight…😳)
  • For smooth travel and flights Sunday night
  • For the details of closing on our new home in Boise and our stuff getting delivered later this week
  • For Jay as he transitions out of a long phase of…transition…and into his new role on staff at Boise State
  • For current Boise State RUF staff, Alex Bosgraf and Caleb Walin and his wife Jill, as the new “RUF year” starts this summer
  • For Boise Pres, the church plant we will be partnering with, which will start worshipping together on Sunday mornings in August
  • For our family to settle in quickly with new friends and routines
  • My mom Barb is moving with us, and her house in Wilmington is still on the market…please pray for it to sell quickly!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
From getting the offer on our house (the day after Jay’s last last large group at UNCW), enabling us to buy in Boise and get settled into a home and neighborhood right away, to the outpouring of love, help, and support from our friends and students in Wilmington during our transition, we have certainly seen God’s provision and the goodness of his timing and plans in the last few months.
You know how sometimes a sermon just sticks with you for a long time? At RUF training a few years ago John Stone (then the RUF assistant coordinator, now a senior pastor in AZ) preached about what it looks like to follow Jesus in these ways:
Leave home.
Get dirty.
During the months when we were contemplating this move to Boise, and my natural resistance to change was in full force, my first prayer was that God would make me willing to go if this was his calling…and my second prayer was that he would make me excited. And even while I have felt the sting of leaving home and dear friends, the messiness of sorting through accumulated stuff and packing it into boxes and pods, and the kind of death that is dying to self, and the comfort and control that I’d like to be entitled to, and my plans and ideas for the future…he has been faithful to work willingness and excitement in me for this calling for our family, and to remind me (over and over and over) that his steadfast love never ceases, that he himself is what I need, that his promises are YES in Christ.
As we step into a new life this weekend, we are thankful…humbled…and honestly, kinda tired. But we are willing. And we are excited.
Thanks for partnering with us in this adventure! We are less without you.
Bet, Jay, Laine, Remy, and Breck
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Jay Denton

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