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Great Resource(s) for Today!

The Denton Dispatch
Great Resource(s) for Today!
By Jay Denton • Issue #24 • View online
Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! Last year we gathered inside with a couple of families from our church for our Thanksgiving meal. It was a special time - certainly as we look back over the events of this past year.
For our prayer together in 2019, we used a liturgy (a type of responsive reading) from the book Every Moment Holy. It was a special time and the words are powerful and beautiful.
Though this year looks different, we plan to use it again and would invite you to join in together with those you are with as you eat a big or small meal today.
Also - if there are those who are alone this day, I want to encourage you that while you may sit and eat a meal by yourself, the presence of the Holy Spirit is with you and close to you. Whether you are accompanied by sorrow or peace on this day, I’m grateful for your friendship and presence in the story that God has written in my life. There is also a liturgy for eating alone today that will bless you.
See below for links to these resources.

Here are the Links Mentioned Above!
Grateful for you today!
Jay, Bet, Laine, Remy, and Breck
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Jay Denton

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