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God is at Work this Spring!

The Denton Dispatch
God is at Work this Spring!
By Jay Denton • Issue #11 • View online
In This Issue:
-Pray for our Interns!
-March Missions Trip Update
-Who is the Next “RUF Guy”?
-Summer Conference Update and Opportunity
-What the Dentons are enjoying this Spring

Pray for Our Interns
Brad, Nathan, and Davie
Brad, Nathan, and Davie
Getting to work alongside interns is one of my greatest joys in RUF ministry. Its my job to serve as their pastor, boss and friend. Here are RUF at UNCW, we have been so blessed to have the best interns in the country. How can you pray for them?
Nathan - He is finishing up his third year of his internship - most interns stay for 2 years, but Nathan decided to work with us one additional year. In May, he and his wife, Rachael will be moving to St. Louis to attend Covenant Theological Seminary. Pray for them as they transition and for Rachael to find a great job in finance/business!
Davie - She is finishing the second year of her internship. This June, she will also be moving to St. Louis to attend Covenant Seminary and has been accepted to the Counseling program there. Pray for her transition as well as searching for a place to live, a new church home, and all the things that come with living in a new city!
Brad (and Lucy!) - Brad is finishing his first year with us and is marrying his fiancé, Lucy, on June 22nd. Pray for Brad and Lucy as they begin their life here in Wilmington together. The fun news is that Lucy will also be coming on staff with RUF this Summer as an intern. Pray for her as she raises money and gets ready for their wedding!
March Missions Trip to Chattanooga
This past Spring Break, our interns, took a group of students to work alongside Hope for the Inner City in Chattanooga. These students had the chance to LEARN and SERVE alongside this ministry that has been serving their neighborhood for over 30 years.
Nathan, Davie and Brad did a great job leading our Missions Trip!
Nathan, Davie and Brad did a great job leading our Missions Trip!
Who is the Next "RUF Guy"?
Sam and Shauna with Gus and Hattie
Sam and Shauna with Gus and Hattie
This past weekend, our presbytery voted to bring on Sam Kennedy to serve as the next “RUF Guy” here at UNCW. I am so excited to introduce him to you! Sam is a close friend and has been a consultant, confidant, and brother as the Lord has let me serve as the RUF Campus Minister. He has seen this ministry grow and now he gets to come into the CM role! After being born in NY, Sam and his family moved to Wilmington. After graduating high school here, he attended UNC Chapel Hill and was involved with Young Life. After college he felt a call into ministry and served Port City Young Life for 10 years. For the last five years, Sam has been a part of the staff at Christ Community Church - a wonderful gospel light here in Wilmington where a number of our college students attend. He loves to surf, skateboard, play music, read, and be with his family. He is a gifted teacher, preacher and gatherer. Want to learn more about Sam? If you’re in Wilmington, shoot him an email at and grab coffee or a meal with him!
Summer Conference!
At the end of the Spring semester over 1000 college students from all over the country descend upon the gulf coast of Florida for a week of teaching, worship, group building and fun. RUF Summer Conference is a highlight of the year - students attend seminars on everything from evangelism to technology and reformed theology - they get an opportunity to hear from a speaker each night and worship with other campuses - they get to relax after a busy semester and connect with old and new friends. SUMMER CONFERENCE BRINGS OUR RUF GROUP TOGETHER LIKE NOTHING ELSE! This year, we have our biggest group going ever! 38 Students and 4 staff will head out after exams. This also means that we have a huge need for scholarships for summer conference. We ask our students to invest in themselves by doing odd jobs, serving at our annual RUF banquet, and asking family to help them get to SuCo. However, the reality is that many of our students still need help paying the $375 (yes that’s all it costs!) to get to Summer Conference. If you would like to provide a scholarship for a student in any amount, all you need to do is visit: and give to our UNCW account online. Then email me and let me know that you’ve given for Summer Conference. I’ll even give you to first name of the student who it went to so that you can be praying for them during our time at Summer Conference!
A few things that we are enjoying this Spring!
1. Selling Our Home!
4. Change-Your-Life Chicken
Thanks for praying for us, supporting us, and loving us.
We are less without you.
Jay, Bet, Laine, Remy and Breck
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Jay Denton

We are so thankful for those that pray, give and encourage our ministry. We will keep you up-to-date on ministry and life, share great resources we come across and give you ways to pray for us!

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