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Fudge Sunday - Peek A Boo

Start the week more informed 🤔💡🤯🤓
This week we peek at meta newsletter reading on TypeScript, Prototyping, Consumerized Enterprise, Edge Computing, and the Uncanny Valley.

Devo - Peek A Boo (Official Music Video)
Devo - Peek A Boo (Official Music Video)
Getting Informed
Previously, I’ve shared my appreciation for Matter and Obsidian in my pursuit of a zettelkasten. So, I was really excited when the Matter team published a repository on GitHub for Obsidian users.
The Matter Obsidian plugin...
To understand how powerful the Matter Obsidian plugin can be, it’s worth watching how Matt Birchler from “A Better Computer” is leveraging it to simplify his own workflow.
Example of blogging workflow with Matter, Shortcuts, Ghost, and more
Example of blogging workflow with Matter, Shortcuts, Ghost, and more
My own Matter Obsidian plugin activity last week
This week I’ve used the Matter Obsidian plugin to help build this newsletter albeit manually. Essentially, these are the highlighted posts for my Matter reading on everything from TypeScript to Prototyping to Consumerized Enterprise to Edge Computing to the Uncanny Valley.
That’s quite the journey, eh?
Here are my favorite pull quotes from each topic linked to each writer:
“AWS CDK, Hashicorp CDK, Pulumi and more support Typescript as a first-class citizen.” Source: Matt Rickard
“Using a deliberately lo-fi idea also makes it so you spend less time on the prototype itself. It’s a hack to getting to a better feature.” Source: Greg Meyer
Consumerized Enterprise…
“When done right, [Consumerized Enterprise]s deploying a product led growth strategy can grow like consumer business, with adoption occurring quickly by end users, not dragged out by lengthy sales cycles.” Source: Kara Nortman
Edge Computing…
“Enterprise technology is about to be transformed yet again — the need to process and analyze some data at the point where it is both created and consumed is becoming a business requirement as mandatory as moving other parts of the technology stack into central locations in the cloud.” Source: Lonne Jaffe and George Mathew
The Uncanny Valley…
“It’s so good that it makes you question how long actors will really be needed at all.” Source: M.G. Siegler
Work Plug!
I am linking to my disclosure.
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