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Fudge Sunday - Cut Me Some Slack

Start the week more informed 🤔💡🤯🤓
This week we take a look at Slack communities that are worth exploring and other “deep web” places that public web search engine can’t index (yet).

Sound City Players - Cut Me Some Slack
Sound City Players - Cut Me Some Slack
Getting Informed
Do you remember the first time you read or heard someone reply to a general question with…
“Just Google it”
Truly, public web search engines are amazing. Yet, public web search engines are not exhaustive for all of the information on the Internet.
Years may have passed for increased technology capabilities in public web search engines but one thing is still very much a certainty…
As of 2022, public web search engines still do not index all of the Internet. So, tell anyone saying Google, Bing, etc. are the end all be all…
“Cut me some Slack”
"Deep Web" Trendspotting in Slack
Cut me some Slack?
Is SLACK really a Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge? Or… Is the backronym just clever?
What is the long term mechanism for exposing Slack instances (never?) for public web search engine indexing to a wider audience?
I don’t have answers to the questions above. I do have recommendations.
Here are some of my favorite Slack communities that are not indexed by a public web search engine. You have to join each one – and then you can search them.
(Largest to smallest – but Slack membership size isn’t everything!)
Rands in Repose: 19,820 members
Write the Docs: 14,932 members
PreSales: 7,597 members
Equinix Metal: 4,050 members
NetDev: 2,086 members
What about GitHub? Or perhaps Discourse?
Where do answers find larger audience? Here’s a fun example.
As you might know already, I really like Tailscale. It’s clever in addition to providing great utility and value.
I ran into a couple of similar questions in two Tailscale communities:
  1. GitHub
  2. Discourse
Since I wanted to share a possible workaround to the questions, I ended up cross posing to each community. It’s the least I could do.
So, while one could provide an answer on GitHub… it probably won’t be found. Yet, if you post to Discourse, it might be picked up by a search engine such as Google.
Note: Verbatim Google search results -- YMMV
Note: Verbatim Google search results -- YMMV
Work Plug!
I am linking to my disclosure.
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